Billy Wells Pony Cart

Just come to light

These photos sent in by Colin Letchford are of Billy Wells’ pony cart.

Colin says:-
When I was 14 -16 I worked as a pony boy with Billy Wells at the seafront. He gave pony rides next to the Casino. In the flood aerial view you can see the oval track worn by the ponies. I was in charge of Merrylegs, a shetland pony.

She pulled a small cart which could carry six children at 6d a ride. The cart is as it was then but now very delapidated. You can just make out the 6d on the side.

Brought back happy memories.

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  • oh PLEASE ! some one restore it I spent many a happy time riding in that cart 

    By Margaret (09/07/2014)
  • Best we could do Margaret. See the additional photo Colin has sent us.

    By Janet Penn (10/07/2014)
  • Does any one know where the cart is now.

    By john buckmaster (12/07/2014)
  • Yes but I am not allowed to say

    By Janet Penn (12/07/2014)

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