Cherry Stores RIP


First built by Captain Gregson in the late 1920s early 30s the building has had several names and owners. At the time of Gregson it was known as ‘The Tuck Box’ as can be seen on the map drawn many years later by Alan Gregson. Initially it was a tiny building but had been greatly extended over the years.

In the 50s it was owned by Pat O’Brien and was called ‘The Lake Shop’.¬† In the 70s it belonged to Mr Neil who sold it to Bet and Ted Cherry which is how it came to be called ‘Cherry Stores’. In more recent years it belonged to the Anderson family who ran it from 1983¬†until 2010.

It has been on the cards for a while that it was going to be pulled down but has still come as a shock to many.

If you have memories or old photos of ‘Cherry Stores’ by whatever name it had please comment below.

Very early photo with an unmade Knightswick Road
Courtesy of Transport Museum
Map drawn by Alan Gregson
Leonie Gregson
Taken recently. There it was....
Janet Penn
Janet Penn

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  • Hello

    In the late forties it was called The Golden Crust bakery although they didn’t actually bake there. It was a great cake shop and also did ice cream




    By sparrow (19/11/2014)
  • As far as I remember, the Golden Crust Bakery was in Long Road, Canvey Village, next to the fish shop. It was in fact a grocery store that sold bread but didn’t bake on the premises.

    By michael swanson (20/11/2014)
  • Hello

    Both locations are correct



    By sparrow (21/11/2014)
  • Hi Sparrow and Michael, I also only associated the ‘Golden Crust’ name with the Village but as we’d decamped from the Driveway to Gafzelle Dve in 1947, when I was 4yrs, I don’t have any really clear memories of the Lakeside area in the late 40s. Oh hang on! Just one in 1949, when I thought my Dad had abandoned me in the van outside Shillum’s when he seemed like forever talking to Old Man Shillum. Just for the record, I did deliver bread to The Lakeside/Cherry Stores at some time to all the proprietors from Mr Neil onwards.

    By Graham Stevens (24/11/2014)
  • What a pity Cherry Stores is no more, I don’t know when the shop stopped trading, but it is sad when another part of old Canvey bites the dust don’t you think?


    By Val Court (03/12/2014)
  • I used to walk past Cherry stores every day on my way home from school ( 1976 to 1978 ). Went in there very often and the owners were always nice to us upstarts

    By ANDY YEO (21/02/2017)
  • I knew the last proprietors of Cherry Stores as Jenny Anderson worked for some years as a secretary for Andrew Wheeler at his garage (now known as Chariots) where I also worked as a motor fitter around the same time, her hubby Harry was a building sub contractor who I also got to know, it had been Jenny’s dream to one day own a small shop where they could both retire & Cherry Stores fitted that criteria when it cane up for sale, I believe they had some form of extra bedroom added for Jenny’s ageing mother, sadly Jenny died a while back & believe Harry still resided there gradually exhausting the shop stock then simply just selling a few box plants along with his Brother outside the shop front until he too passed away, he had added the side lean to & garage unit during his residence there also, shame so many of these old structures are fast becoming victim to the greedy land developers.


    By Peter Wonnacott (25/10/2017)

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