Roman Eating Bowl from Canvey Point

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A piece of our history

I found this Roman bowl for sale on ebay and have been given permission to reproduce it here.
If you wish to take a look you can see it on ebay here

This Roman bowl was dug from the mud on Canvey Point in the 1980’s.
Please note that the bowl is heavily restored.
Still a piece of English/Roman history with great provenance.”

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  • I feel uneasy about the sale of Canvey’s historical artifacts. Nevertheless, its an impressive piece; in its completeness (my personal discoveries/collection only contain unrelated sherds). Thought I’d mention that images of Canvey’s Roman pottery at Southend Museum can be seen via this link

    By Oneb Lackline (20/06/2013)
  • We have them here on the archive Oneb

    By Janet Penn (21/06/2013)
  • oops, yes indeed… thanks Janet.

    By Oneb Lackline (21/06/2013)

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