Silver Buttons at the Carnival


Once again, Mike Goodall has come up with some great photographs of the band Silver Buttons. He was, of course, rhythm guitarist for that band. The shots relate to the band’s participation in the Canvey Carnival, circa 1964. In the first photo, Russ Burrows (manager) is leaning on the bonnet; Mike, himself is stood on the bonnet and his wife, Sheila is sat in the passenger seat; on the roof above her is Mel Vickers, lead guitarist; the chap with fist in the air is Nick Arthurs, who, very sadly, died in a road accident, some years later. With him is his girlfriend (Brenda?). The same people appear in the other shots. Spud Edwards, the drummer and Pete Simpson were otherwise engaged at the time these photos were take. I should warn that these comments are based on memories of some half century or more ago, accuracy is not guaranteed. Apologies for any mistaken identity!

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  • Hi Tony, I do remember you but I’m not in any of these pictures. I didn’t start going out with Nic until Xmas 1965. I think the girl could be Maggie Cope, but not certain. Nic and I got married in September 1968 and had one son who was not quite 2 years old when Nic had his accident.It was great to see the pictures though.

    By Brenda Barnes, formerly Arthurs (19/12/2019)
  • Hi Brenda, what a delightful surprise to hear from you. I hope you are well. I was never really convinced that it was you on the photo, but others seemed sure. That’s why I put a question mark after your name, and apologised in advance for any mistaken identity. Mind you, I’m not convinced it’s Maggie either, although 50 years of brain cell loss makes memory a little dodgy.
    There are other photos of the Silver Buttons , including nice shots of Nic, on this site, as well as one of his brother Tony in his band at the Casino.
    I’m back in touch with most of the crowd from the old Youth Centre. We’ve lost a couple along the way but, miraculously, most have survived. In fact, we’re spending a weekend in January in Sunny Clacton to celebrate Mel Vickers’ 70th. they’ll all be happy yo hear of your message.
    Incidentally, I saw a recent post from your son on Wilko’s site. He expressed a wish to hear any memories of his dad. If he gets in touch I’m sure we’d all be happy to share a few memories and stories from those days.
    Have a great Xmas – Tony

    By Tony Maguire (21/12/2019)
  • Hi I’m Tony Arthurs and would love any info and photos of my brother Nic and what part he played in your band

    By Tony Arthurs (26/10/2022)
  • Fantastic to see your contribution Tony. I was a friend of Nick’s and remember you and your wife and oldest child (a babe in arms at the time) around the time your dad was gravely ill. You mention Nick’s contribution to the Silver Buttons, but I remember you, too, assisting, ferrying myself, Mel Vickers and others around in your bubble car. There are other shots of Nick and other band members on various pages of the Archive, including “The 60’s Music Scene” and “The Silver Buttons”. The is also a picture of you in full “Buddy Holly” mode on a p[age of “Casino Ballroom Memories”. I hope you and your family are well. Tony Maguire

    By Tony Maguire (29/10/2022)

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