Canvey Carnival Court 1980

Kim, aged 10 Canvey Junior Princess

Carnival Court 1980

Clowning around. Joan Billings, Kim Guzzan and Margaret Adams

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  • Oh my goodness…..memories! I was 18 then.Chokes me up seeing photos of Kim, she was such a lovely girl. We had some giggles that year; I am proud that I was a Canvey carnival princess.

    By Margaret Brock(nee Costello) (28/04/2012)
  • I  remember receiving a £2.50 cheque on the night we were crowned -my first one ever !  I felt very grown up!

    By Margaret Brock (nee Costello) (23/02/2017)
  • Ah, this brings back so many memories of Kim, Debbie, Sue and I!

    Kim was such a lovely girl -well, they all were. I often look at the photographs. Over the years I have told children I worked with that I used to be a princess then have taken the photos into work to show them.

    By Margaret Brock (23/02/2017)

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