Canvey Carnival Court

Was it 1990?

Looking through old negatives recently, I found these young ladies, who may well remember their year of glamour.

Canvey Island Carnival Court 1990?

The venue was Benfleet Camera Club and the date 26 March 1990 (or was it 1980?). Perhaps someone will be able to put me right and also add names to the pictures? Alas, I don’t seem to have a separate negative for the third young lady.


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  • Hello there, the year for this carnival court was 1990 the girl that is missing from the small photo’s is Amanda Lloyd. I know of her I will speak to her and find out the other girls name for you. The reason i am replying to this is that I was a last junior princess in 1986 and still have memories of the carnival along with photo’s and carninval programmes. I will try to get in contact with her for the other girls names but some where in my loft I have photo, names of the carnival courts back from where I was in it. I hope this will be of some help to you will be intouch.

    By Mary Nash-de-Villiers(Day) (13/02/2011)
  • Hi there, Just found the photos. I can confirm that the Carnival Queen was Suzanne Knot and Princessess where Tina Wines and Amanda Lloyd also the deputy Queen for 1990 was Paula Fiddy.

    By Mary Nash-de-Villiers(Day) (14/02/2011)
  • Hi, Mary Nash-de-Villiers(Day), Thank you for your help. I understand the Carnival is being revived, so there will be renewed interest and more of your recollections and pictures would be most welcome.

    By Robert Hallmann (15/02/2011)
  • Hi Robert, Thank you for your message. Please contact me via e-mail and we can arrange for you to have a look at the carnival pitcures, as there may be some you could make use of.

    By Mary Nash-de-Villiers(Day) (15/02/2011)
  • Just seen these pics, i cant remember if it was 1989 or 1990, but thats me queen LOL… Suzanne Knox.. !!!

    By suzanne Cook (24/05/2011)
  • Hey, Deputy Queen for 1990 Paula Fiddy here so yes, it was 1990, I was Queen in 1989 🙂

    By Paula Fiddy (24/05/2011)
  • Hi, thanks for all the comments and info. Someday you ought to come together and someone ought to take the picture again and add it here…?

    By Robert Hallmann (24/10/2011)

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