Canvey's Carnival Queens


This is just a few of our Carnival Queens. If you were once Canvey Island Carnival Queen and you have photos please email them in to with date and name so we can add you to the page.

Queen Gretel Rubery and her court 1966 with cartoonist Roy Ullyett

Click on the photos below to see enlargements.

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  • The lady on the left (as you look at the photo) is my Sister Amanda Shuttlewood (was Lloyd). I’ll have to ask her what the name of the other princess was, I think it is Tina. I was princess the year after I have lots of photo’s if needed. Great site by the way, Keep it up. X

    By Andrea Kitts (17/05/2011)
  • On the left is me lorraine Fyson to the right of me is Jackie parsons we were both princesses at the back is tracey gower the queen. Lisa clements not in this photo.

    By Lorraine Fyson (23/12/2011)
  • I am thrilled to see myself and court here and was delighted to see the other Canvey Queens and princesses. I can still remember that special crowning night and cup given even the nights of competitions court of courts. I rememeber seeing Barbra Windsor on top of a bus in Southend waving at us all fabulous it was could do it again. Thanks so much for this xx

    By Maria "Cain"dodsworth (16/01/2013)
  • The year is 1954, I think, and the girl on the right is my cousin, Eileen Goller, nee Clarke, who was queen in 1953. I send you a photo of her when she was queen.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (11/05/2013)
  • sweet sixteen and even sweeter nine

    By Shirley Coates (nee Scantlebury) (24/06/2013)
  • Check out those hairstyles! Don’t we look fab! Can’t believe we’re all married now!

    By Tracy Gladman (24/06/2013)
  • The queen was Zena Robertson, with princess Julie Anne Goode and cant remember the other one sorry. That may well be me sat the other side of Zena though.

    By Maria Rawligns (13/08/2013)
  • Hi the Queen was actually Kelly Styles and Zena was Deputy Queen and then I am the blond one in front of zena and Dana Petty was beside me before she took over as queen when Kelly stepped down. I believe this was 1985

    By Julie-Anne Goode (24/11/2013)
  • Karens name is Hearn not Heran. I am sure this is just a mistype. It’s also wrong in the previous picture.

    By Joan liddiard (14/07/2014)
  • Oh my goodness the beautiful lady on the left next to her friend Eileen Goller is my Mum June Manly, nee Saul. She lived at 21 The Avenue with her Mum and Dad, Gladys and Charles Saul and her brothers and sisters Albert Colvin Sheila and Frank. The latter becoming the Tottenham footballer. She Married John Manly of Westman road. She had Charles and I in 1964 and 1961 and moved to Berkshire. She was always embarrassed at being a carnival queen (I think it was her turn in 1952 or 3) but I always thought she was absolutely the most beautiful, but I would wouldn’t I. Jane 

    By Jane Parkin nee Manly (06/08/2014)
  • I love seeing my photo as canvey carnival queen, I have many fond memories of my time as carnival queen and enjoyed every moment. X 

    By Amy phillips (05/07/2016)

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