Canvey Carnival Queen

What year?

Canvey's Carnival Queen being pulled by horses. Any ideas of the year?

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  • Looks as though they are coming up Long Road, just turning left at the corner where the Haystack pub is now. I can place it by the phone wires on the right hand side of the picture and the electric wires on the left. Just to the right of the phone pole looks like the bungalow “Aleco”, shallow pitched roof. This must have been before the Haystack was built (which was about 1934/5). The only other place where the main road bears left is by Yamburg Ave, and the phone and electric wires are not in the same relative positions there.

    By michael swanson (08/02/2012)
  • I think Mike is right. It’s the Haystack. The pub is on the right hand side. The tin roofed property is in the background. There were a couple of terraced buildings along there next to Iceland car park. The Collins family lived there in the 50’s and may be before that. At one time the procession started in Haven Road, but I never knew which route it took.

    By (25/07/2014)

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