70 ft Concrete Yacht

Launched at Canvey 1978

Launched in 1978
Echo Newspaper Group
Concrete boat standing on Canvey dated December 1973
Echo Newspaper Group
Tony Fincham standing by the boat with the plans. Dated December 1973
Echo Newspaper Group
Tony Fincham puts the finishing touches to the wire mesh the night before the cementing is started. Dated Oct 1972
Echo Newspaper Group

This is probably not the same one that is being constructed below as I am sure they would not take that long to construct. But it is interesting to group them together as we do not have any further details at this time.

Can anyone tell us which shipyard they were built at? The top photo shows Dauntless so I am assuming this was where they were built. Please comment below.

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  • I believe that this may be the boat that was worked on in the yard near the Canvey exit near the railway station and one of the owners was a lady teacher from Canvey County Infants School in Long Road. If it is that boat I seem to recall the lady telling my wife and I that they were sailing it to some other country for completion in order to access special timbers.

    By Alan Whitcomb (23/10/2017)

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