Barclays Bank Up For Sale

The year was 1977

How many of you remember the bungalow in New Road that was for one or two days (I cannot remember) a week opened up as Barclays Bank?

I used to do my banking there when I first moved to Canvey. In fact that might well be my daughters pushchair parked up outside.

Does anyone know when it first opened as a bank? Did you work there? Or do you remember it when someone lived there and who they were?

Please comment below if you have any memories of the place.


Echo newspaper group and the Rayleigh Town Museum
Echo newspaper group and the Rayleigh Town Museum
Echo newspaper group and the Rayleigh Town Museum

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  • This was my grandmother’s bungalow in the late 50s. Her name  was Grace Wheeler. Sadly I don’t recall how long she lived there before moving to Gravesend. My cousin, Susan O’Dare was born in the bungalow In the photo attached is my Grandad, Bill Wheeler and my Mum and Dad, Nancy and Jimmy Black, who lived in Craven Avenue. The photo was taken at my Aunt, Jill Wheeler’s wedding.

    By Cheri Arlenghi (01/07/2017)
  • Sorry, seem unable to post the photo to go with my comment!

    By Cheri Arlenghi (01/07/2017)
  • My Nan had this bungalow and sold it to Barclays Bank it was called Cromwell then. Around 1952. Name was
    Mr and Mrs Elmes. Valerie Smeaden

    By Valerie Smeaden (10/11/2019)
  • I was born on the island in July 68, i dont know how old i was but i vaguely remember it, thought it was facing long road more, i was very young from memories, dont think it was there when i was a teen so guessing it went mid 70s,

    By Rhys Evans (02/06/2020)

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