BBC Interview 1974

with Canvey Council Engineer Reg Stevens

Echo Newspaper Group

Story unknown but date on the back is January 1974.

Reg Stevens is being interviewed by the BBC (TV or Radio?). I seem to recognise the person talking to Reg but cannot put a name to him.

Notice the now very dated recording equipment. Also see the Dutch Cottage Museum booklet on the table.

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  • The interviewer is veteran BBC broadcaster Brian Johnston whose career began shortly after WW2 until his death in 1994. During which time he apparently covered everything from State occasions and a multitude of programmes inc ‘Come Dancing’,’ Down Your Way’ et al.

    My guess is that this interview could be for the ‘Today’ programme. Of course he was best known as the ‘voice of cricket’ on the BBC.

    Despite his illustrious broadcasting career ‘Johnners’ is most probably fondly remembered for his ‘gaffes’ made while commentating. The most cited said to have been made during a W. Indies test match: ” The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey.’ Although nowadays the authenticity of this is in doubt(no recording exists) there is full providence of Johnston attempting to commentate and eventually collapsing into giggles for 30 seconds in response to his colleague Jonathan Agnews comment that Ian Botham had failed to ‘get his leg over’ whilst attempting to straddle his own wicket.

    In the Echo photo Reg Stevens and Johnston seem to be getting along famously, quite a lot in common, both members of the WW2 officer corps involving engineering and both holders of the M.C.

    By Graham Stevens (27/08/2017)
  • Thanks Graham. I recognised him but could not remember his name.

    By Janet Penn (27/08/2017)

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