Chris Hill 1978

DJ at the Gold Mine

Echo Newspaper Group

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  • Great picture of my cousin Chris Hill, probably at the high point of his amazing rise to fame as the disc jockey at the famous Gold Mine night club.  Unfortunately, I only met him once, during my first trip back to England from Canada in 1969. His Dad, my uncle, was quite ill at the time, but I went to the local school or youth centre with Chris where he played records for dancing!! Possibly his early beginnings as a disc jockey! I’m so sad that I didn’t see him again but I’m sure we would have got along well as I loved New Orleans jazz and blues too.

    By Gerald Hudson (25/04/2019)
  • Chris hill in my eyes was a brilliant Dj I loved it when he played the maracas he had something special when Dj in 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    By Toni (26/04/2022)

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