Councillor Alan Boss at Newlands

Dated 1970

Echo Newspaper Archive

No idea of the story behind this photo but great shot of the old caravans.

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  • Alan was a very nice and funny man, used to work for Jack King at the new lands holiday park. He was brought in to help run Jack King Motors, the old Murco garage in the high street which was also a Ford dealership, car hire, MOT centre and workshop with a body shop and a vast spares counter run by Keith Coe. I worked there as a pump attendant and spent many happy times even though we had to deal with petrol rationing. Petrol was around 50p a gallon as I recall!! I can’t remember what happened to Alan, but I do know he was Jacks right hand man at the garage and the holiday park. Happiest days of my youth.

    By Robert Swanson (14/09/2020)
  • I and a friend of mine remember Alan Boss from way back and would like to contact him. Anyone got any ideas?

    By Sparrow (14/09/2020)
  • Alan was good pals with my brother Peter, both members of Canvey Island Eagles Motor Cycle Club, back in the 60’s. On leaving “Fred’s Academy”, Peter worked in London in the Patent profession, qualifying as an attorney and becoming a partner in the firm Fitzpatricks in Holborn. After some years, Alan joined him at Fitzpatricks, working in the Trade Mark department, qualifying as a Trade Mark lawyer. In the early 70’s Peter, with others of my family, moved to Cambridgeshire and established an office for Fitzpatricks in Huntingdon. He later left Fitzpatricks and set up his own firm of Patent Attorneys, P.A.Maguire & Co. Alan joined him to handle the Trade Mark practice. They opened an office in St Ives Cambridgeshire, became partners and naming the company Maguire Boss. By this time, I was in Leeds and joined the company, working in that city in The Trade Mark department. Consequently, Alan Boss became my boss! While the company still exists, both Alan and Peter have retired from the partnership. I last saw Alan in 2016, at Peter’s 50th wedding anniversary. He was well and in good spirits. I don’t have any contact details to hand, but Peter and he are still in touch and met (at least until lockdown”) for lunch occasionally. If Sparrow wants to contact me at, I’ll gladly see what might be arranged.

    By Tony Maguire (16/09/2020)

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