Dot Shaw outside Canvey's Council Offices

Dated 1979

Echo Newspaper Archive

No story with this so far. But she looks a bit threatening!!!

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  • Dot Shaw was my great aunt. We fondly referred to her as Auntie Doll. She loved playing her electric organ (Spanish Eyes) was her favourite. She had a sister Phyllis who lived in Southend and a son called Tony. And she had a fondness for toy poodles (that me and my brothers were terrified of because they bit us!). She was quite a scary character she was also very kind. Oh and we saw her once with her hair down. It came to the bottom of her back! I have some photos of her somewhere if you’re interested!

    By Jackie Anderson (08/11/2020)
  • Thank you for your interesting comment. We are always interested in more photos Jackie.

    By Janet Penn (08/11/2020)

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