Magnolia House 1974

Northwick Corner

This lovely big house was at Northwick Corner. It was called Magnolia House and this photo was taken in 1974.

Do you remember it? Do you know who lived there? Please comment below.

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Update: I can now confirm the Cass family lived in this house which was quite close to the road about where the garden centre is. Ray Howard bought the house and land from farmer Cass. In 1974’ish Northwick road needed to be widened to accommodate the lorries going to the refinery that was being built and also the tankers that would have eventually used the road. The house was demolished and a new one built for Ray Howard and family which is where he lives today. Therefore it is highly likely this was the last photo taken of the house before it was demolished.

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  • it is still there and owned by Ray Howard

    By Joan liddiard (21/02/2017)
  • Not sure who lived there the house was part of my paper round between 1970 and 1972.

    By Tony Driver (21/02/2017)
  • You are wrong Joan. This house was where the Cass family lived. It was demolished about 1974 so they could widen and make up Northwick Rd so that lorries could get down there to build the refinery that was never finished and to accommodate the tankers that would have used it. Ray Howard told me about it some years ago. The house where he now lives was built as a replacement. I am awaiting confirmation from a member of the Cass family and will then update the page.

    By Janet Penn (28/02/2017)
  • See update

    By Janet Penn (04/03/2017)
  • I can confirm that this house was built for Bill and Jessie Cass by Bill Beaver (Jessie’s brother) and his son Jim. It was built when they sold Charfleets Farm. It was called Magnolia House and had a Magnolia in the front garden.
    Bill Cass sold it to Ray Howard when they moved off the Island for a very low price, as I am lead to believe Bill was misled by Ray Howard but didn’t find out until after he had sold it. Ray Howard already knew about plans for new roads etc for the area. The house was demolished and a new house was built next door for Ray Howard, before that he lived in a bungalow up Northwick Road.
    I am Bill & Jessie Cass’s granddaughter and I know there was a lot of bitterness between my grandparents and Ray over it all. My grandfather was born on the Island and lived on the Island for about 68 years and the Cass family had owned at least 3 Farms on the Island at one time.

    By Sarah Lee (12/07/2023)
  • Thanks for confirming our information Sarah Lee.

    By Janet Penn (12/07/2023)

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