Thames House 1974

Is it Northwick Road?

The original Thames House
Echo Newspaper Group and the Rayleigh Town Museum

Please tell me if I am wrong as this is before my time. This place is called Thames House, the photo was taken in 1974. Is this the place that we were asked about many years ago that was in Northwick Road. See here.

To me it looks like it was actually to the right of the building where Thames Ambulances used to be. (they moved some years ago) The actual Thames Ambulance building (what is there now???) looks like the old warehouse building on the left of the picture.

This must have been taken at the time the road was widened and the house was demolished. If you have the answer please comment below. Thank you.

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  • This was built by Mr Smith  who had a Breeze block factory at the side.

    The house later belonged to a Mr Aposteledes, he made small components for Egen Electric in the factory. I worked there for a while in 1969.

    By Val Court (25/02/2017)
  • Mr smith was my x husbands grandad

    By Jacky (22/04/2022)

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