IRA Bombing at Texaco

January 1979

These are more photos from the Echo Archive. This time a record of the aftermath of the IRA bombing at the Texaco plant in January 1979.

Police combing the Texaco site after the bomb blast.

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  • I was in my bedroom. In laburnum road off haven road village bedroom window upstairs. Came in and out.!!!like a bubble. And watching all the fire engines many of them.parking in haven to dodgy to enter the storage area of fuel case another bomb went off.!!!!!!!. Must have been 20 fire engines from all over Essex. Local metal detector group helped Essex police find bomb shrapnel bits after area made safe. In the blast walls around the storage fuel tanks. That night gas works in London got blown up!!!.also. The bomb on the heavy fuel tank.that snuffed the bomb blast out!!! Thank god the bomb on wrong storage tank!!! I just got home from paddocks.just enter me bedroom.a flash and shock wave.!!!!! Hit the bedroom window.

    By Gary Foulger (30/10/2021)
  • I remember the bang and thinking our window (single glazing was the norm then) was going to go in at our home in Little Gypps Road.
    We heard a number of neighbours cars start up and they left the Island for a while.

    By Phil Garner (15/11/2021)

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