The Newly Built Windjammer

The year 1979

Billy Adams outside the Windjammer
Echo newspaper group and the Rayleigh Town Museum

Billy Adams outside the newly built Windjammer PH in 1979. Do you remember when it was built? What was there before can anyone tell us?

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  • i can remember this being a car park befor the windjammer

    By Gary Casson (07/10/2017)
  • The Windjammer was built on the site of the ‘Pavilion Cafe’, which was popular with teenagers in the late 1950s. Rock and Roll, American cars and Teddy Boys.

    In it’s previous life I think the ‘Pavilion’ was a Restaurant.

    By Val Court (21/10/2017)
  • I’m reasonably sure that by the time I first moved onto the Island around 1967 the entire ground from the amusement arcade to the first flats were waste ground,used as car parking near the amusements and sometimes the ground around where the Windjammer was constructed was often utilized by visiting campers.

    Much of this land was either owned or was purchased by the Island Builder referred to as ‘Nigger’ Adams who resided in a large purpose built house sited in Furtherwick Road between the Cinema and the roundabout, he had already had the two blocks of flats constructed at the Esplanade corner of Maurice Road titled Compton Court & Maurice Court along with a set of rear block garages, I soon managed to rent No 8 Compton court via Mr Adams agent (at that time Sid Alterman) where I resided for around 7 odd years, Sid’s Son-In-Law who worked for Sid was our weekly Rent Collector, it was Mr Adams (Senior) idea that if he constructed these flat blocks as cheaply as poss it would be a great investment for him as an income during his retirement years, (he would be seen on occasions cutting the front grass of the flats with his own lawnmower).

    A while later i seem to recall another block of flats was constructed on the corner by May avenue (which may/may not have been sold off to individual purchasers, but not certain of this fact), later still Mr Adams son Billy took the decision to construct the Windjammer pub on its current site.

    By Peter Wonnacott (20/11/2017)

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