Old Benfleet-Canvey Bridge


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The old bridge in 1970 before the new bridge that opened in 1973 was started.

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  • I remember the Old Bridge,around the mid 50’s, which had the Moving/Sliding Level both ways, which opened up to let the boats etc., through. My friend Angela, (who lived on a boat near the bridge) and I were allowed to stand on the moving/sliding level by the Bridge Manager (but only a couple of times) It was great fun as young teenagers to see the Yachts sailing through and we would wave at them too!!….xx

    By ROBERTA JONES (16/11/2020)
  • The sign at the bridge used to say “swing bridge”which was incorrect.

    By robin howie (16/11/2020)
  • Yes, now that you mentioned Swing Bridge, I do remember that.
    Bobbie Barnes-Jones

    By ROBERTA BARNES-JONES (18/11/2020)
  • The bridge obviously changed but the quality of the boats in it’s vicinity hasn’t improved has it? Or are they the same boats?

    By Graham (19/11/2020)

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