Alan Ross 1984

The Painterman

No idea who this man is but looks like he is on a boat and he is a painter. Does anyone know more?

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  • This is Alan Ross he’s my Grandad he used to travel around the country selling paintings this is an article about one of his sculptures from the 70s.

    By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • It is dated 1984

    By Janet Penn (11/06/2019)
  • By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • Thank you for that Nathan but it still does not tell us what the article was in 1984. 

    We have about Nessie elsewhere on the site.

    By Janet Penn (11/06/2019)
  • I’m not 100% sure as I was only 5 back in 1984 but I do remember him living in a wooden house down by a river/canal in Canvey we would visit a few time a year with our dad 

    By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • He lived by the lake near the Oysterfleet and used to display in Knightswick centre. Apart from his own creations he would copy photos. Absolutely gifted.

    By Les Bantock (07/12/2020)
  • His house was called The Laurels. He used to paint and sell from the front garden. This is his in large motorhome he used to travel around to fairs and paint.

    By A Ross (20/07/2021)
  • He had a gimmick I believe where he would paint anything you asked for in 10 minutes. He would go out in this ‘camper’ and do that at local fair

    By A Ross (20/07/2021)
  • My Parents have over 10 of his paintings all over thair house. Brought them when he was pitched for a period of time in Jaywick, Tower Caravan Park (as it was called then). Some of them he painted to order for my partents. I remember as a lad watching Alan paint for hours. I am early 50’s now. He was a really nice chap and really talented. Would love to know more about his life and what happened to him mid 80’s onwards.

    By Leigh (20/09/2021)
  • This is my mums ex husband.
    A brilliant talent. Lived by the lakeside canvey.

    By Lynn monk (14/01/2022)
  • I remember this man, my mum and dad became good friends of his, they also brought many paintings of his. My sister still has at least one of his paintings. I loved how he would paint to music, he would build up the picture up before he finally finished the painting. I would love to get one of his lovely paintings for my own home.

    By Billy wells (11/08/2022)
  • He is my biological father.
    So I’m curious if he’s still alive.

    By Joseph Watts (24/09/2022)
  • Hi everyone,

    I can probably answer some of the questions raised here, as I’m his son and was raised by him and likewise cared for him in his later years.

    Unfortunately Dad passed away in January 2012, in Norwich.

    He and my mum were together for a few years from the late 80’s till 1995, when they split up, but he remained here in Norfolk for the rest of his life, continuing his trade as a painter and doing shows all over the region.

    He was always very present in my life and we spent a large amount of time together, often taking me out on the road with him to his shows (often staying overnight in places like Sea Palling).

    If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to connect via Facebook.

    I’d love to connect with you all more as I know very little from his earlier years, and have lost touch with a lot of my siblings from that era.

    By Billy Ross (08/12/2022)
  • I remember alan and brought a few of his pictures including the one in the top picture of the owl in flight which he painted for me as at the time I kept owls he was an amazing artist and had time for anyone

    By Christopher James (01/01/2023)
  • I think it was in the 1980’s that Alan Ross had a unit in the “arcade” which is now Iceland. He painted a picture of my husband’s boat from a photograph. A great picture which we still have hanging on the wall.

    By Lorraine Davis (01/01/2023)
  • I’m really sorry to hear of Alan Passing and I send this with the utmost respect and best intent to those it may concern. But I’m absolutely flabbergasted finding this post !

    Alan Ross is actually my Biological Real Grandad too and it’s been so hard to ever find any information about him.

    He was my mums real Dad, my mum knew him but wasn’t really allowed to communicate with him due to my then alive surrogate Grandad. But she met him a handful of times and he even did my Mum and Dad a painting for their wedding in secret in the 80’s. I remember in it in our first house as a kid but it mysteriously went missing one day when we moved house in the early 90’s.

    Back in 2015 I really really tried searching for him as my mum was diagnosed Terminally ill with Cancer. I had heard he had passed but I was getting very vague second hand information and thought it’s still worth a try to look for him for Mums sake.
    When you see a picture of my mum it’s quite scary, how now I can see how she definitely looked liked him, it’s very weird finding this.
    Unfortunately my Mum passed away in 2016.
    She was an amazing soul though.

    My Nan remembers Alan fondly she’s still alive and as I get older she tells me fragments more of their complicated relationship in the 60’s. But she says nothing but great things about him.
    She said he had 3 other children at the time Eileen, Frankie and the third one the youngest at the time she can’t remember their name.

    Me myself I have become an artist too as a hobby in my spare time. I find it such a joy and have done since I was a kid.
    I found out Alan was my real Grandad when I was 13 my mum told me.
    I appreciated her telling me but it never really changed my life and I was glad to be told the truth.
    But detailed info was quite scarce I think even she was in the dark with a lot of it.

    Ironically I have just returned from Scotland this week, my first ever time to Loch Ness.
    It was amazing.
    But I had no idea of the Sculptures such as Nessie, I knew he did sculptures but that was it.
    And the only thing I’ve ever seen of Alan is a Newspaper article my mum kept of him and we agreed he has a sense of Gordon Ramsey about him.

    This is incredible though, I hope you are all well.
    I’d love to meet the family sometime if it’s comfortable.
    I can’t believe there really is cousins etc uncles/aunties here now we’ve never known about.

    I’m the eldest of my mums children, but I have two younger sisters.

    I’d love to also see some of Alan’s Artwork it would absolutely blow my mind.
    Thankyou for posting this and please get in touch.

    Kind Regards

    By Bradley Candlish (25/03/2023)
  • Hi Bradley,
    I’m not related but I do have 2 of Mr Ross’s paintings. I bought them for (I think) £10 each from him in his caravan parked in Braintree marketplace. I recall he described himself as ‘The 10 minute painter’. It was between 1980 and 1987 ; I can’t get any nearer than that. They have a place in my house so I can’t let you have them but I’ll send you photos if you wish.
    Best wishes
    Phil Reeks
    100 Searby Road
    LN2 4DT

    By Phil Reeks (28/04/2023)
  • I have one of his paintings over my fireplace, bought from him when he was parked just outside Tiptree, Essex

    By Marion (17/05/2023)
  • Thanks guys when it’s convenient I’d love to meet up and have a look at them when it’s convenient with you guys this is fricken amazing :))

    By bradley candlish (25/05/2023)
  • I have one of his paintings you can have or any of his family members please call 01255 822007 Jo it’s a cheerful yellow Norfolk scene with brown accents a windmill and a sailing boat . I really would love you to have a piece of your family heritage it would be an early Christmas present.

    By jo campbell (19/11/2023)
  • I met Mr. Ross at RAF BentWaters (Ipswich) in England. I was stationed there for 5 years. I bought 3 paintings from Mr Ross in 1984. One is a picture of a cottage in a field, he named it Rooks Lodge. Another has white doves flying over a water. He named it Moonlight Symphony. I live in the states and I’m moving to Florida to retire and I still have them. I’ve always wanted to know more about Mr. Ross. Just wanted to thank you guys for sharing.

    By Lacoy Allen (20/02/2024)

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