Alan Ross 1984

The Painterman

No idea who this man is but looks like he is on a boat and he is a painter. Does anyone know more?

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  • This is Alan Ross he’s my Grandad he used to travel around the country selling paintings this is an article about one of his sculptures from the 70s.

    By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • It is dated 1984

    By Janet Penn (11/06/2019)
  • By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • Thank you for that Nathan but it still does not tell us what the article was in 1984. 

    We have about Nessie elsewhere on the site.

    By Janet Penn (11/06/2019)
  • I’m not 100% sure as I was only 5 back in 1984 but I do remember him living in a wooden house down by a river/canal in Canvey we would visit a few time a year with our dad 

    By Nathan Ross (11/06/2019)
  • He lived by the lake near the Oysterfleet and used to display in Knightswick centre. Apart from his own creations he would copy photos. Absolutely gifted.

    By Les Bantock (07/12/2020)
  • His house was called The Laurels. He used to paint and sell from the front garden. This is his in large motorhome he used to travel around to fairs and paint.

    By A Ross (20/07/2021)
  • He had a gimmick I believe where he would paint anything you asked for in 10 minutes. He would go out in this ‘camper’ and do that at local fair

    By A Ross (20/07/2021)
  • My Parents have over 10 of his paintings all over thair house. Brought them when he was pitched for a period of time in Jaywick, Tower Caravan Park (as it was called then). Some of them he painted to order for my partents. I remember as a lad watching Alan paint for hours. I am early 50’s now. He was a really nice chap and really talented. Would love to know more about his life and what happened to him mid 80’s onwards.

    By Leigh (20/09/2021)
  • This is my mums ex husband.
    A brilliant talent. Lived by the lakeside canvey.

    By Lynn monk (14/01/2022)
  • I remember this man, my mum and dad became good friends of his, they also brought many paintings of his. My sister still has at least one of his paintings. I loved how he would paint to music, he would build up the picture up before he finally finished the painting. I would love to get one of his lovely paintings for my own home.

    By Billy wells (11/08/2022)
  • He is my biological father.
    So I’m curious if he’s still alive.

    By Joseph Watts (24/09/2022)

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