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30 years anniversary

30th Annivesary
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No date on this one but I would suggest it was 1987/9. No names either so if you can add anything please comment below.

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  • Hello

    I think second from left could be Peter May [catamaran]

    I was a founder of the club and I think we were formed in about 1956-1957  with the driving force being John Fisk so could be the anniversary .

    regards Sparrow

    By Sparrow (16/06/2017)
  • Hello Sparrow – are you also in the photo?

    By Cia Parker (16/06/2017)
  • Hello

    Afraid not.

    I left in the 60s and went round the world in bigger ships.

    Is it still going?



    By sparrow (17/06/2017)
  • I have no idea, it was a bit before my time.

    Your travels sounds intriguing, care to elaborate.

    Kind Regards


    By Cia Parker (18/06/2017)
  • Dave Atwell first on the left with Peter next to him sadly both of them no longer with us.I think the bloke on the right holding the lighthouse is Les Woolf  he worked for John Fisk building boats. 

    From Peter May’s brother Neil.


    By Jane Parkin (20/06/2017)
  • From the left John Fisk, Peter May (my dad) Peter Fairman, ?, Les Wolf. My dad was one of the founders of the club, when catamarans were first created as a sailing boat. They were designed by the Prout brothers from Canvey. My dad sadly passed away last August but I have lot’s of old photos and info from his days at Chapman Sands.

    By Juliet Merrett (20/06/2017)
  • Hi Julie,

    It may be that John was sadly not with us in 1987/9 I bet they were raising a glass or two  to him though .

    By Jane Parkin (21/06/2017)
  • Hello

    Glad I was right about Peter May. Being a jazz fan he named his boat after  “Jelly Roll Morton” and I crewed for him once or twice.



    By sparrow (22/06/2017)
  • The club was officially founded on 17th March 1957.

    The first meeting was held at 13 Parkway, Freddy Fisk’s house?

    I have 2 pages of faded minutes from that meeting that Peter May and Peter Fairman brought to the club around 15 years ago.

    By Andy Gosnold (02/05/2020)
  • Any chance of a copy for the archive Andy?

    By Janet Penn (02/05/2020)
  • Hello Julie,
    I have just found this site and as a many year member of the club I was saddened to hear of its closure.
    Jane Parkin is right when she said that John Fisk would not have been with us at the 30 year celebration and the picture shows Dave Atwell as she has written.
    I will write more under the opening of the new clubhouse picture as it shows me and my wife to be just before we married.

    By Bob Hind (10/10/2020)
  • Great to see that picture. I crewed for Jim Wright on Kipper two in the early 70’s. Peter May was Commodore at the time

    By Dave (12/09/2022)
  • Far right is my father Les Woolf next to Dad is Ron Parsons, Peter Fairman, Peter May and far left Dave Atwell I think. Had a fabulous childhood growing up within the community of the club – many fond memories. Would love to hear from anyone who knew mum and dad or was connected to the club in its hey day from 60’s – 80’s.

    By Corinne West (nee Woolf) (09/09/2023)
  • John Fisk is not in picture,i am his brother in law and was 13 when when they meet at 13 the parkway which was my sisters Jean and John new bungalow had not been in there long, when meeting to set up yacht club. I use to crew John as light crew in light winds,still have trophy from 1960 shearwater national championships in poole and use to have my sailing dingy there,sad its all gone.
    So many memories,leaving my dingy moored to jetty and came down following morning to find it gone luck had it was found up river by tug and John had to go and trailer it back and it cost me a lot pocket money for bottle whisky.

    By alan jones (07/10/2023)
  • Thanks for the info Alan. If you have any stories/photos about John please add them to the website. We have very little about his life.

    By Janet Penn (07/10/2023)

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