Aristocrat Pub???

Is this Canvey?

Echo Newspaper Archive

Dated June 1992 on the back it says Simon Wellen, Landlord Aristocrate Pub, Canvey.

I have never heard of it can anyone confirm or otherwise please.

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  • The only Aristocrat pub I’ve ever hear of is or rather was in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire in the 1970s. Not much help unless the Canvey info is a mistake.

    By Frank Liddicott (23/10/2018)
  • Well its definitely Essex. I suspect a mistake but having said that we have already got info on at least one bar we had never heard of on Canvey.

    By Janet Penn (23/10/2018)
  • Thought the name was familiar but couldn’t immediately place it, pretty sure it was Southend. Have to admit I googled it, it’s in Queens Rd Southend off the High St, somewhere near where my brother Chris’s music shop used to be. Now called the Townhouse.

    By Graham Stevens (23/10/2018)
  • Thanks Graham

    By Janet Penn (23/10/2018)
  • I was a regular at The Aristocrat and it was indeed in Southend on Sea.  Changed its name to The Townhouse in about 1994 I think.

    By Ed Sutton (27/12/2018)

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