The Original Canada Corner

No date

No date, no details. I wonder if this was when it was moved to the Paddocks?

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  • I didn’t know they moved it ! It used to be near the dump just to the S E of Newlands along the dyke from the caravan park . But Canvey Island UDC ceased to exist in 1974 to become Castle Point if I remember rightly . The sign looks very much like I remeber, gold and white on green , the white ranch style fence was the same type the surrounded the old Canada Corner , but the background is unclear . From the old site the seawalls were very obvious except looking back toward Newlands when only a few houses that were large enough would be seen like the one close to Newlands entrance next to the seawall where the house boats were , but the dump would have been obvious too ?

    By Malcolm (06/12/2018)
  • This is the original site Malcolm. The site was moved to the Paddocks. My note about the photo being at that time was in answer to ‘why the Echo Newspaper would be taking a photo of the sign’. Perhaps the story was the state of the gardens. Or perhaps the moving of or replanting of Canada Corner to the Paddocks in 1983.

    By Janet Penn (07/12/2018)

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