1953 Flood pictures

Lent to us by Eileen Cutler

Thank you to Mrs Cutler for sharing these pictures with us. Some of them are new to me, others such as the Canvey Bear I think everyone knows about.

Furtherwick Road, Bank Corner

If you have any memories or pictures of the flood and want to add them please get in touch. Click the pictures below to view with comments.

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  • Janet, not to be picky but wasn’t the Green Gables Cafe called the Green Glades Restaurant. I used to spend time there in the late 40s I knew Mr Liddiard and his family quite well.

    Best Wishes

    By Canvey Joe (22/06/2008)
  • Thanks Joe. The name was written on the back of the photo and I had no idea if it was correct or not. I have now corrected it.

    By Janet Penn (22/06/2008)
  • Where exactly is this?

    By David Bullock (24/06/2008)
  • I’ve only ever seen the Bear with the rowing boat next to it – many of these are new to me. Particularly the Lakeside Corner one as these shops are still there today (Island Carpets).

    By David Bullock (24/06/2008)
  • The lady in the dingy is my sister Joan Hawkins. She was a State Registered nurse who helped to look after traumatised people at William Read School after the floods.

    By Aubrey Hawkins (05/08/2008)
  • A rather precarious exercise. Did he make it to wherever he was going? Robert

    By Robert Hallmann (17/10/2008)
  • My name is Georgia, I am 8 years old and I go to Canvey junior school.
    My Grumps built the gates on the sea wall.
    I like reading about the history of Canvey Island.

    By georgia fryer (06/01/2010)
  • Hi, is the picture of the thorney bay camp, now where thorney bay caravan park is?

    By sean barham (20/02/2010)
  • Hi Sean – The picture of the Thorney Bay sign is at Jones Corner (I believe) and yes the same camp – Thorney Bay

    By David Bullock (20/02/2010)
  • This is Trosens butchers shop in Denham Road, part of Nightingales shop on corner of Long Road and Denham. I believe it is now a Chinese take-away. Was owned by nevill Trott and ??? Senior, hence TroSen. They later had a butchers shop on Thorney Bay Camp.

    By michael swanson (01/02/2011)
  • Wonderful, clear photos! As a non- Canvey person, can someone tell me – where is Jones corner? Is M. Fletcher’s shop on the corner of Adelsburg Road and is that Lakeside Corner? Pat

    By Pat Smith (10/03/2011)
  • Pat, Jones Corner is down Long Road at the junction with Craven Road. Jones shop used to be on the corner. Fletchers shop was at the junction of Furtherwick Road, Waarden Road and Knightswick Road. The shop is still there and is now a carpet shop.

    By Janet Penn (10/03/2011)
  • This is very interesting I just learned today that my mother was in this flood and separated from family for a time. She mentioned a family of 16, that only had 4 survivors. U never know what is in someone past even ur own parents

    By Sean Tyll (20/03/2011)
  • I was looking to see how the flood affected Thorney Bay when I found this fantastic photo

    By Jo Stapleton (29/01/2013)
  • Jo if you look on here you will see an aerial picture of the area

    By Janet Penn (30/01/2013)
  • The building at the back of the bungalows is  E.K.Cole’s little factory. It later moved to Northwick Corner and became Egan Electric, many of the Canvey women and girls found employment there.

    Does any one remember ‘Walkers Stores’ which stood the other side of the main road opposite Jones’ Corner, it stood on the site of ‘Nightingales’ top of Denham Road

    By val court (27/11/2015)
  • Wonderful what people say about Canvey Island/and so tragic, my father Mr Roy Pedder lived on Thorpe Bay sea front at this time the water came over the sea front and half way up the garden and my dad had a pet monkey who nearly drowned but he was saved. Then he went on to save people in the Canvey floods my father had boats and a Austin A40 and was very wealthy at the time.

    By Gary Pedder (18/07/2020)
  • My cousin visited the exhibition on Sunday of the flood. He sent me the photo of Aubrey Hawkins as he was the one who carried me out of our house in Welbeck Road to the boat. We were them rowed to the main road where we were taken off in a lorry. I was 3 years old at the time.

    By Kathleen Danswan nee Owens (01/02/2022)
  • Hi, I was only 3 1/2 years old during the flood, I have been chatting to my mother about that time, she told me that we lived in the Settlers camp, I do remember the Nissan huts! but I have never seen this camp mentioned, does anyone know if it was called something else? We were evacuated to William Read school and eventually to Benfleet and Southend.

    By Geoffrey Linge (01/02/2023)

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