Fred's Flood Fotos.

Newly emerged pictures from Feb. 53.

Do you recognise these evacuees?
Memorial Hall

These photos just fell out of a copy of ‘Captivating Canvey’. The first is marked on the reverse side ‘Exvacuees’, the second ‘Memorial Hall’. Both have ‘return to McCave’ written on them. As we cannot do this I don’t think he would mind us putting them on the CCA.

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  • These are brilliant – wonder where the flood siren one is – doesn’t look like the Maurice Road one?

    By David Bullock (01/02/2010)
  • Actually I’m wondering if it was taken at the old Council Offices opposite the Fire Station?

    By David Bullock (01/02/2010)
  • Yes it is. You can tell by the windows and guttering and down pipe. Down the side facing South.

    By Janet Penn (01/02/2010)
  • Yes, Dave at the time of the photo this end of the building would have been the Ambulance Station and the other end was the Fire Station and the Council Offices were in the middle. Frank Griffiths was Council Office caretaker and Leading-fireman. Sounds a bit like Trumpton doesn’t it.

    By Graham Stevens (02/02/2010)

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