Inspecting the damage

From the 1953 flood

Another from the old calendars showing the damage to a property as the chap tries to sort it out. Anyone recognise the man? Please comment below.

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  • The photo is of Pat Thain, local bricklayer and Welterweight boxer. He is attempting to clean up his bungalow just off High Street a few weeks after the flood waters subsided in February 1953. Unfortunately, all contents in the bungalow suffered too much damage and could not be salvaged and the bungalow had to be torn down.

    By Rick Thain (son) (31/08/2021)
  • Pat Thain, a strong swimmer, saved his son Rick (age 4), son Alan (age 6), and finally his wife Patricia by taking each one individually to safety. The family evacuated to Ilford (London) for the next few month to stay with relatives. After losing their home and possessions, Pat and his family decided to emigrate to Winnipeg, Canada in June of 1953. Pat continued his career as a bricklayer/stonemason in Canada. He passed away in 1997 at the age of 79.

    By Alan Thain (31/08/2021)
  • Thank you Rick and Alan for telling us a little of your family story.

    By Janet Penn (01/09/2021)

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