The Army to the rescue

Floods 1953

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  • Hello Interesting to see that the boat in the picture is a Prout folding dinghy. There was a field in Long road opposite the council offices that was full of commandered/rescued boats just after the floods. Regards Sparrow.

    By Robin Howie (12/09/2011)
  • Hi, Dudley George told me that on the night of the Flood, under instruction from Reg Stevens, he and others (firemen I think) broke into Prout’s barn/store at Small Gains Corner. They’d managed to take out several folding dinghies and canoes when the electrics went and plunged the place into complete darkness so they were unable to to find the bottom boards. They took the boats as they were and used them as best they could. Dudley pushed a canoe down Korndyke Rd to where a young couple were standing on the window-ledge of their bungalow.The woman was wearing high-heeled and he had to take a long time persuading her to kick them off before stepping into the canvas bottomed boat.

    By Graham Stevens (12/09/2011)

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