Where it all began

Sunken Marsh

This is the area where the floods of 1953 first breached the seawall. In the middle are Brandenburg and Tewkes Road.

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  • The white bungalow with flat roof at the bottom left of the picture is on the right hand corner of the junction of Creek Rd/Nordland Rd and Brandenburg Road. A man died on the roof of this bungalow in the ’53 floods. I believe there is a picture of this somewhere on the Archive. Brandenburg is the first road on the left in the picture – you can see the junction with Heideburg Rd a little way along on the left. My great aunt and her daughter’s family lived in the pair of bungalows here (they were named All Mine and All Yours at the time) – they sat on the roof until rescued. The next road is Tewkes Road, then Heilsburg Road, then Landsburg Rd, then Munsterburg Road. Lin Swanson

    By lin swanson (23/03/2012)

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