Town and Country Hard Hit

2nd February 1953

Canvey Island photos from the centre pages of the Southend Pictorial Flood Disaster Supplement. Photos on the ground on Canvey Island by local photographers Shiner and Holmes.

Our photographer was over Canvey in a plane on Sunday morning and scarcely a dry acre could be seen. Smallgains
This is the ill-fated Newlands Esate, part of the significantly names 'Sunken Marsh' area of Canvey, where many of the tragedies occurred. Water was still in possession at noon on Sunday, when rescue boats were fighting hard to get the last few people out before the tide came in again.
Shiner and Holmes
To the rescue. Throughout the morning craft of all descriptions were rushed to Canvey Island from the mainland, lorry after lorry, laden with dinghies, rolling over the bridge. many were sent from Southend after a loudspeaker van had toured the streets appealing for assistance.
Shiner and Holmes
No February 1st Motoring on the petrol for this car owner! It was only one of the many cars abandoned on the Island when the water came over the wall.
Shiner and Holmes
The army was quickly on the scene and was responsible for much of the rescue work. An NCO assists a woman into a truck bound fot the mainland and safety.
Shiner and Holmes
A scene like no man's land as Newlands residents trudge from their estate through a sea of mud.
Shiner and Holmes
So violent was the rush of water in Canvey High Street that it forced up the pavement and flung it into the road.
Shiner and Holmes
Police interviewing evacuees at a Leigh rest centre.

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