Fressingfield, Clarendon Road

Published with Barry and Jill Blackwell’s permission.

Barry was born here in 1941. The family lived there until 1948.

The old bungalow was built in 1933 by the Cook family. Originally called ‘Fressingfield later changed to ‘Clovelly’.

Barry outside the bungalow where he was born in 1941.

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  • I think the bungalow must have been called Fressingfield because that’s where my ancestors came from in Suffolk. I know my father Thomas Cook lived there for a while before moving to Ash Road.

    By David Cook (09/09/2023)
  • David Cook,

    Do you know what your ancestor, Thomas COOK (son of Frederick COOK) did during the Great War?

    I believe he was on the Island at that time, and had actually signed up in 1914. I assume R.H.A. but cannot be sure, and I do not know his Regimental Number.

    By Martin Lepley (10/09/2023)

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