Canvey in the 1920s

Rare old Photos discovered

A box full of lost memories found in a local auction. Here I have made a slide show from a photo album with many family & holiday photos, including on Canvey Island. I believe these were owned by a Miss Gwen Baker (born c1928) who married John Roberts (c1950).

Family Christening (likely to be Gwens) ~ 1928

Gwen lived at 30 Ickworth Park Road in Waltham Forest, London E17 which still stands today … . When she married John D Roberts they both lived at the same address. John (3084718 A/L2) Roberts served in the RAF’s D Squadron No.2 Wing RAF Melton in Mawbray Leistershire. From the pictures we also see Edgar who may have been Gwen’s older brother.

RUHTRA in May Avenue

The Canvey bungalow featured in the photos (above) was in May Avenue and called RUHTRA. It is unknown if it was a rented or an owned holiday bungalow. There are also photos of a Mr & Mrs Quartemaine with daughter Joyce on Canvey. Doreen Lycetts bungalow is also featured.

Canvey Shell Beach ~ Labelled ‘Teddy & Elsie Holly’

Other names mentioned:

Lily Whealley (1919), Mrs F Baker of 225 The Avenue, Highams Park in Essex (now London), Stanley Butler,  Uncle Alf Butler,  Uncle Sam & Auntie Elelyn, Aunt Becky, Margaret Warby, Ernie Werris, Julie Witherington, Uncle Fred Martin, Auntie Gladys, Uncle Fred & May, Reggie Stuntley, Ernie Werris, Dad’s cousin Dora and master Dennis Roberts.

If you can cast any light onto the people or properties mentioned please comment below.

Lost Memories
Music by Billie Holliday

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  • Dave….Well done you! Lovely memories from a family album. What a pity it was discarded and ended up in a box at auction, unloved and unwanted. I suppose the family have died out. Where exactly was the bungalow ‘RUHTRA’?

    By Val Court (24/10/2013)
  • I wonder who Arthur (RUHTRA) was.?

    By Maureen Buckmaster (06/02/2020)
  • In 1935, The Crocker Family owned RUHTRA
    In 1949, The Roberts owned RUHTRA
    and the property was described as number 10.

    By Martin Lepley (07/02/2020)
  • Gerald and Mildred Quatermaine resided in the bungalow according to the 1929 Electoral Register.

    By Janet Penn (07/02/2020)

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