'Island Nest'

As remembered by Terrence Killick

As kids we had such lovely times on Shell beach circ 1945-onwards. Our house in Brighton had burnt down due to bad wiring so we were dispatched to Grandparents who lived in ‘Island Nest’  Waarden Road whilst repairs were undertaken. We would fight to see who would carry the accumulators down to the electric shop for a recharge. I know we all went to the loo in a tin shed at the bottom of the garden. Water came from a water butt. The road was unmade and a small stream ran across it. A wooden ‘bridge’ would be used for access.

In the original earlier radio broadcast on the flooding of Canvey, I feel sure its my uncle, Cliff Jarrold who is told ‘put some trousers on’ by a rescuer

The house ‘Island Nest’ is my Grandparents ‘as they bought it’ but they then upgraded by filling in the verandah. Grandpa Jarrold grew tobacco, and milk came from next doors goat.

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  • lovely story I live in warden road town end bit different know

    By Ray Addison (19/10/2014)
  • My Dad was born in ‘Le Buoys’, Waarden Road in October 1928. I’d love to find out about that place. 

    By Sue Condon (19/08/2015)
  • I used to play with a boy called Colin Jarrold who lived just off Waarden road in Thisselt road. Such an unusual surname so probably no coincidence. He would be about the same age as me about 75
    They moved to London in the 50s

    By Sparrow (25/11/2019)
  • The verandah planning was approved for in May 1939 and in the name of Mrs G. LAWES.

    By martin lepley (14/02/2021)
  • Any relation too Jackie lepley please

    By Dee johnson (01/08/2021)
  • I was born in my nan and grandads summer house. All wood in Tilburg Road. The bungalow was called Walburswyck I think that was a name of a town in Holland. When I was five and my brother was four Grandad sold the bungalow and the family moved to a house in Grafton Road. Grandad sold the bungalow for £350 and the builder he sold it to built two bungalows on the land I do believe years later another bungalow was build in-between the two first built. Loved it there. No proper toilet or bath but as kids who cared.

    By Julia Cornwell Goillau (04/12/2021)
  • I lived on Waarden Road in thec50s until 72, and I used to play with Cliff and Doris children Calvin and Brenda there where other children bur I can’t remember their names, I have lived in Derby since 1972 been married twice and have a son and daughter and 2 grandson’s and a granddaughter to, it is lovely here very near to the Peak District to a beautiful.part of the country.

    By Linda Maccorin (nee Mitchell and Pearson) (15/12/2022)

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