Reginald Bernard Newman

Survived WW2 killed Korea

Reginald with his sister

Reginald Bernard Newman was born in London in 1921. He was a gunner in WW2, having survived the war he worked for his father who ran Greenglades, a Boarding House on Canvey Island.

His father set up a fish shop in Benfleet near where the underpass for the railway now is which Reginald ran along with his brother-in-law. The shop backed onto the creek before it was filled in.

The shop in Benfleet it backed onto the creek that has now been filled in

He had met his wife Sarah Jane Wintrup whilst he was stationed in Hawick, the couple married in Romford in 1942. In 1950 he was called upon again when the war in Korea broke out. On the 7 Feb 1951 he was killed in action in Minbaeng and is buried in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Pusan.

The following are accounts from two papers lent to me by David and Jessica Thorndike, Reginald was Jessica’s Uncle.

Artilleryman who Wed Hawick Girl

News was received in Hawick at the week-end of the death in action in Korea of Reginald Bernard Newman, attached to the Ulster Rifles, who resided at St Bernard’s, Canvey Island, Essex, and whose wife was a former Hawick girl-Miss Jean Wintrup, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wintrup, 19a Wellington Street.

In 1941 Gunner Newman was stationed in Hawick with the Light Artillery and he subsequently served in Egypt, North Africa and Italy, He was married in 1942 and had one daughter, now aged 4. Demobbed in 1948, he was recalled to the colours on 24 hours’ notice in 1950 and he sailed for Korea after 3 weeks’ special training.

He was engaged with his father in the family business at Canvey Island.

Mrs Newman was on a visit to her parents in Hawick when the tragic news reached her on Thursday that her hus­band had been killed at Minbaeng on Feb­ruary 7th.


Mr Reginald Bernard Newman, aged 29, of “St. Bernard’s,” Southfalls Road, Canvey, was killed in Korea when a Jeep in which he was travelling went over a mine. He was buried at Suwon.

Mr. Newman, who served in the Artillery as a gunner, was a recalled reservist. Dur­ing World War II he was with the 8th Army.

He and his brother ran a fish shop in Benfleet.

He leaves a widow and a four-year-old daughter.

Reg and Jean outside Greenglades c1945/6 when Reg came home after WW2

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  • My father (82) has for many years spoken about Reg and was there on the day he was killed (actually my fathers 19 birthday). My father was in tears thinking and talking about him this very morning (Remembrance Sunday). We would love to know more about his surviving relatives – can you help? Janet thank you so much for putting this article up – I’ve searched the net and Canvey Island Chip shops for years for any information. Please call me 07795308203 or e-mail. My father has the ‘full story’ and he thought the world of Reg – he’ll be amazed to see the print out later this evening. Thanks again, Russell Harbison (John’s son)

    By Russell Harbison (11/11/2012)
  • Email on its way to you Russell

    By Janet Penn (11/11/2012)
  • I am Reg Newman’s daughter, now residing in Perth, Western Australia after emigrating with my husband and family in 1981 – My mother Sarah-Jane known as Jean, also lives out here in Australia, and I know she would love to get any information about my father’s death – as would I, as there were several stories that went around the family and I have never know which one was the truth. I thank you for posting this article and shall be attempting to contact you very shortly – I have been a ‘member’ of the Canvey website for some years now and can be reached through there via email if you so desire.

    By Trish Nicholls (nee Newman) (12/11/2012)
  • hi trish I did not realise I was writing about your dad. I have some details already so will forward to you.

    By Janet Penn (12/11/2012)
  • After receiving details of Regs death from David Thorndike. I am amazed and shocked to know he was the father of my very good friend Pat Newman (Trish). We are in the process of rebuilding our War Memorial Wall at The Paddocks and the information i have been handed will enable us to have his name put on the Roll of Honour

    By Joan liddiard (03/08/2014)

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