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UPDATE - VE Day celebrations 1945

This is a photo taken for what appears to be Bonfire night November 5th 1946/7?

Were winters warmer then? we are all wearing summer clothes.

The group are sitting in the dirt of Village Drive, outside Mr and Mrs Bob Jennings Bungalow and my Grans house is the next one down, just seen in photo.

The boy standing behind the Guy is David Deadman.

On the opposite side of the road lived Mr and Mrs Nevin and family. They ran a few chickens in the garden plus a Rhode Island Red cockerel which was very bad tempered. If it got out of the garden and any children were walking along the path it would fly up and give  a nasty peck or two on the backside, adults got pecked on the backs of their legs.

Cooks Farm was at the bottom of the road and opposite ‘Alexandra Villas’ where Gran lived was a big field where we all played, there were chicken coops placed in the field too but I can’t remember who owned them.
Do you see yourself in the photo, if you do what are your memories of the day?

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  • Names are as follows front row l/r …Jimmy Clark, Allen Jennings, Valerie Hazelton. ? Boland, ? Boland, Joyce Deadman, peeping over his shoulder. Back row l/r Roberta Jennings, Eric Jennings, Winnie Deadman.

    By Val Court (18/10/2013)
  • I believe the names to be: Front row l/r . .Jimmy Clark, ?, Valerie Hazleton, Eric Jennings, ?. Back row l/r . . Roberta(Bobbie) Jennings, Alan Jennings, Winnie Deadman, Joyce Deadman. Don’t think the two unknown are Bollands, as I don’t believe there were any boys of that age. Believe it is my mum in the background, at the window. I would have been too young to be out there at the time. The chicken coops next to Nevin’s belonged to my dad, Bob. I remember the vicious cockerel, he chased me one day!

    By Lin Swanson nee Jennings (20/10/2013)
  • PS I have the same photo, recognised it immediately and fished it out of my collection.

    By Lin Swanson nee Jennings (20/10/2013)
  • Hello Linda, can any of your family identify the two boys in question? I used to come to your home quite often for eggs. Your mum and mine knew one another from way back. Was there an Ann Boland? I do remember those two boys being at yours sometimes.Do you remember when your dad got injured by the bull down at Cooks farm? I always remember Roberta every Xmas/New Year because her birthday is a week after mine,is she still in Australia? Have you any idea if this group photo was for 5th November if it was it must have been a warm day! we are all dressed for summer. I remember your Grandad and Grandma Jennings living in the black wooden bungalow at the top of Village Drive. Nice to know there are still some ‘old’ Villagers still about.

    By Val Court nee Hazelton (23/10/2013)
  • We got it wrong! Not Guy Fawkes at all, this photo was taken in 1945, at the end of the war. The “guy” is actually an effigy of Hitler, and was burnt later.(No wonder they are wearing summer clothes). Standing at the back is David Dedman. Back row from left: Roberta (Bobbie) Jennings, cousin Jean Jarvis, Winnie Dedman, Joyce Dedman. Front row from left: Colin Jarvis, Alan Jennings, Val Hazleton, Eric Jennings, David Jarvis. All identified by Joyce Dedman, who also has a copy of this photo. Yes, Val, Bobbie and Alan are both still in Australia. It was my Grandmother and her son Walter who lived in the black bungalow, The Minx, at the top of Village Drive. Are you living locally?

    By Lin Swanson (28/10/2013)
  • Lin, mystery solved ! I could have sworn that my cousin Jimmy was at the front, just shows how our memory misleads us. Mum showed me the photo about 10 years ago then it disappeared, after she died last year (96) I mentioned it to my brother and he told me mum had given it to him. He was kind enough to let me have it because he wasn’t in the group. I wonder who made the guy. Do you know, I have always had a faint memory of a bonfire in the middle of Village Drive was that were we had it ? Joyce may remember as she is a bit older than me.When the photo was taken I was 6 years old so you must have been a toddler. Can I be cheeky and ask if you were married to Michael Clark(e)? Harry and I moved to Lincolnshire 1986. We come to Canvey to visit friends a few times every year, saw Marion Ware when we came this weekend,it’s seldom we see anyone we know when walking around the shopping centre.

    By Val Court (30/10/2013)
  • This was the Canvey Village VE Day celebration!

    By Lin Swanson (06/05/2015)
  • Just looked at this again today.

    By Lin Swanson (08/05/2020)
  • Thanks for the reminder Lin I had forgotten this one. I have added it to the 75th Anniversary photos and updated the title.

    By Janet Penn (08/05/2020)

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