Canvey Secondary School memory.

late 1940's

Cook’s farm milk.

One of my class-mates Raymond Mint told me one day that he had to milk cows at the Cook Farm before coming to school.!! He asked me if I would like to get up real early one schoolday morning and  meet him at the farm milking shed, and see what was involved.  I gave it some thought and agreed to be there the next morning.

As I had never milked a cow before he proceeded to show me the technique but my efforts were not working, so he pulled a time-worn trick on me.!!!  Asking me to get closer he turned the teat upwards……I took a direct hit in the face.!!

After much laughter, mixed with some protestation by me he showed me another chore that needed doing after each milking.

It involved sweeping the trough at the rear of the cows (containing you know what) along to a drainage system.

As soon as the milking and chores were finished we hurried off to school. I can tell you that we often went to class with a distinct “farmhouse” aroma coming from our shoes.

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  • I’m hoping to meet up with Len Cook in London in the next month or so. He’s a bit frail now and I want to show him the website and try to get some memories and, hopefully photos, from him.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (06/02/2012)
  • That would be fantastic Maureen. I will keep my fingers crossed. I have more cine film from Cook’s farm from the Claxton cine films to do at some point.

    By Janet Penn (07/02/2012)
  • Len Cook’s farm was at Winter Gardens, around the area near Tabora Ave/Concorde Rd. Lin’s brother, Eric Jennings worked for Len Cook after leaving school in the mid 50’s, until Len sold the farm and moved to Fobbing. We might be able to get more details from Eric. The photo of the milk is in the dairy at Fred Cook’s farm which was at the North end of Village Drive. This is where the Claxton cine films were shot.

    By michael and linda swanson (08/02/2012)
  • Hi, back in 1966 I attended Canvey Island Secondary school. In May 1967 my family moved us all to New Zealand. At the time I was the school’s best Trampolinest. I can remember a few class mates, Colin, Barbara, Janet Hewitt, Susan Coe. My name then was Shirley Clayton. Is there anyone out there that is still around and can remember me please. Many thanks in advance.

    By Shirley Wendy Walker (nee Clayton) (28/02/2021)
  • I remember you Shirley and your family. I lived next door but one to you and remember you emigrating to NZ.

    By Lesley Parsons (17/03/2021)

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