North Thames Gas Board

Furtherwick Road

Back row L to R ? Alan Hudson (my Dad)????? Hadley Clair (mgr)? Reg Smith (Gas fitter)Dennis Butters (Gas fitter) Front row L to R .???Roy (clerk)
Gerald Hudson
Back row L to R Hedley Clair (Mgr) Reg Smith (Gas fitter)????? Mr. Stead (mgr) C. Neumayer (Gas fitter) Roy (clerk) Front row L to R ? Dennis Butters ( Gas fitter) Wilkie (union steward) Vic Hills (apprenticed fitter) ?. Many good memories of those times.
Gerald Hudson

Two pictures taken by me a couple of months after the flood disaster 1953.

Employees at North Thames Gas Board office and yard off Furtherwick  Road.

66 years have passed, I have forgotten some of the names.

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  • My dad was Dennis Butters. Thanks for pictures.

    By Frances Hutchings (04/02/2020)
  • Hello Frances:
    Your dad was a first class gas fitter when I was a fitter apprentice at Canvey branch of The North Thames Gas Board, and I was often teamed with him. His tool bag was always immaculately clean and the tools well cared for!!
    I learned a lot about the gas fitting from Denis and used a lot of that knowledge when I continued in other areas of the gas industry here in Canada, your dad was a classy man.

    By Gerald Hudson (07/02/2020)
  • I also have same memories of training ,Do you remember the PT instructions we had to do with Sandy on a Monday morning,and if you were late being sent back to west ham station for platform ticket.I served my time as an apprentice in the Grays area and was on the comercial crew for the convertían to natural gas.I also moved to Canada in 1973. Good memories of going to NTGB school in east ham

    By Colin Mogg (12/05/2021)

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