North Thames Gas Board

Furtherwick Road

Back row L to R ? Alan Hudson (my Dad)????? Hadley Clair (mgr)? Reg Smith (Gas fitter)Dennis Butters (Gas fitter) Front row L to R .???Roy (clerk)
Gerald Hudson
Back row L to R Hedley Clair (Mgr) Reg Smith (Gas fitter)????? Mr. Stead (mgr) C. Neumayer (Gas fitter) Roy (clerk) Front row L to R ? Dennis Butters ( Gas fitter) Wilkie (union steward) Vic Hills (apprenticed fitter) ?. Many good memories of those times.
Gerald Hudson

Two pictures taken by me a couple of months after the flood disaster 1953.

Employees at North Thames Gas Board office and yard off Furtherwick  Road.

66 years have passed, I have forgotten some of the names.

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  • My dad was Dennis Butters. Thanks for pictures.

    By Frances Hutchings (04/02/2020)
  • Hello Frances:
    Your dad was a first class gas fitter when I was a fitter apprentice at Canvey branch of The North Thames Gas Board, and I was often teamed with him. His tool bag was always immaculately clean and the tools well cared for!!
    I learned a lot about the gas fitting from Denis and used a lot of that knowledge when I continued in other areas of the gas industry here in Canada, your dad was a classy man.

    By Gerald Hudson (07/02/2020)

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