The launching of "Ocean Highlander"

Ian Hawks

The "Ocean Highlander" in 1979
Ian Hawks
Sandy landing on the sea wall at the Point
Ian Hawks
Sandy Munro's helicopter
Ian Hawks

The following Photos show the launching of the “Ocean Highlander II” in 1979 by Sandy Munro and his wife. The Catamaran was built for him by Prout’s at the Point for his entry in the transatlantic race. Sandy Munro was a pilot in the Royal Navy and owned his own helicopter which he flew to visit Canvey Island to check on the progress of the building of his Catamaran. The photos show him landing on the sea wall at the Point.

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  • It appears that I seem to have got the dates mixed up. The photos relate to Ocean Highlander 11 built 1979. Ocean Highlander 1 was built in 1967 for the 1968 race This information was given to me by Sandy Munro via an E mail to Dave Bullock.
    Sorry Sandy.
    Ian Hawks

    By Ian Hawks (05/03/2009)
  • Ian, the first photo is the launch of the first Ocean Highlander in 1967, not Ocean Highlander 2 as above. The helicopter photos relate to a later Ocean Highlander, not sure which one – I’m sure Sandy can tell you that.

    By Alistair Munro (20/06/2009)

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