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I am really asking for help to trace my cousin, Audrey Eileen Mary Brown. Audrey was born in January 1929. Her parents split up after she was born. Her Mother died when Audrey was six years old. They had been living at Southfalls Road, Canvery Island. Audrey would have been attending School on the Island. She had a Grandmother Mrs. Murielle Nelthropp, also living on Canvey Island. I have tried all the Ancestry websites but cannot find out what happened to Audrey. She has a half brother who only recently found out that he has a half sister and he is anxious to find her. Audrey would be in her 80’s now, so time is important. I know this is not what your organisation usually deals with but I am just hoping that someone may have some ideas. For instance, was there a Childrens Home on the Island at that time, would there be records. The only information I have been able to find so far is that Audrey’s mother, Ethelwyn, Iris, Vayne, Brown is buried at St. Katherines.  I wonder if anyone can help.

Audrey’s cousin Vera

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  • Hi Vera, 

    My name is Tara Nelthropp and I am Audrey’s first cousin, 1 generation removed. Murielle Nelthropp is my Great Grandmother. 

    I was unaware Audrey had a half brother? Audrey married a Stanley Alfred Grace on the 17th April 1948 at St James Church, Clacton on Sea. Audrey moved to Sydney Australia in 1954 and had 3 children – Laura Lee Grace, Wendy Grace and I don’t know who her third child is  sorry. 

    I am deeply sorry to tell you Audrey passed away on the 2nd of April 2005 in QLD, Australia at the age of 76. Audrey is buried at Southport Lawn Cemetery QLD. She is buried in section L05, Grave 308. 

    I never knew Audrey myself but my father does recall meeting her once or twice. 

    Kind Regards 


    By Tara Nelthropp (05/08/2015)

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