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School days on Canvey in the 1930's

My late father William (known as Ron) was one of three brothers who moved to Canvey sometime in the 1930’s. They had returned from Malaya because of their mother’s malaria..strange that as there was a time when malaria was rife on Canvey, but that is another thread.
My uncle Geoffrey lived on Canvey for much of his life and so did his family.  My uncle Hector emigrated to New Zealand in 1958 with his family of  3 girls and widowed mother. He has only just moved to a retirement home aged 91.
I have been looking at the old photos in the hope of spotting them as there were all very good looking, similar in features but of very different colouring, one auburn, one very dark and one very fair. Each joined a different branch of the forces. The address on Dad’s joining paper is 8 Meynell Avenue, Labworth Estate, Canvey. if anyone had any recollections they can share I would be very grateful.

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  • I am one of Geoffreys daughters.
    He had 3 daughters and 1 son.
    I have vague memories of my Uncle Hector and Aunt Dodds and the girls living opposite my other Grandmother in Meynell Avenue before going to New Zealand. Sadly both have passed.
    I remember Uncle Ron and Aunt Georgie visiting us on Canvey.

    By Corinne Gill (06/05/2023)

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