Where is Great Russel Head?


Born in london but I have been living on Canvey for 38 years, I have been doing a little research of my family and discovered members living on Canvey in 1861 at ‘Gt Russel Head’ could anybody please inform me where that address could be.

Link as described below by Graham:Genealogy Rootsweb Canvey

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  • Hi
    I believe Great Russell Head farmhouse is the property that stands alone on the left-hand side of the south-bound track of Canvey Road just before the Roscommon Way round-about.

    By Graham Stevens (31/08/2009)
  • Thank you Graham, I am researching the bindings (apprenticeships) of Watermen/Lightermen from 1692 to present and have discovered possible family links to the Howards that is shown on this site, Briton Michael Howard seems to be the link but have had no luck finding him or spouse. I located him in 1871 as a W/L but nothing else. Oh well.

    By B (02/09/2009)
  • Hi
    A bit more info: If you go to Janet Penn’s Canvey history site ( freepages.genealogy rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canvey/) click Cyclopedia then illustrations you should find a sketch of Gt Russellhead possibly as it was in the 19th century. Jan’s site also shows the Bullock family there in 1881 census. Good luck with your research,perhaps you could post more results of your family’s Canvey connections and about the River Thames workforce from the past.

    By Graham Stevens (02/09/2009)
  • Thank you again Graham. I have been to Janet’s site, it is excellent. Before I started getting interested in ancestors and the Canvey site. A year or so ago I was browsing somewhere and I came across the name Bullock on Canvey listed as a lighterman I think by the name of Alfred or James (both are family names), I think the address was a farm. I checked Alfred from GT Russell Head Canvey against my binding records and the ages do not match with the closest Alfred binding. I must join a site?

    By B (04/09/2009)
  • Re Great Russellhead farm. It is in Canvey way opposite Dyke crescent.I worked there for the Theobold family who now run Rettendon boot sale. The one Graham Stevens mentioed is Little Russellhead. Regards Sparrow

    By sparrow (22/06/2011)
  • Sorry Sparrow you are wrong. Great Russell Head farm is the one nearer the North of the Island as Graham says. It is not only on the old maps we have but is marked on google and is where the Norris family live

    By Janet Penn (26/06/2011)

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