Memories of Canvey and Thorney Bay beach camp

Old photos

My family were lucky enough to holiday on Canvey for a month every year, loved everything about it. From walking down to the store in the mornings to buy supplies, filling the water carriers, roly poly down the grass banks, lighting up time, going to the toilet block in the middle of the night, what an adventure!

My elder brother Steve used to spend hours crabbing, whilst my younger brother Jimmy used to stand up at the wall for most of the day with his binoculars watching the Tankers, waiting for a first sighting of “Methane Princess or Methane Progress” which made his day! I just loved it all…

Mum, Steve , Lynn and Jim

We still go to visit from London, the whole family, such precious memories….

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  • Hi Lynn, loved looking at the pictures of thorney bay, they brought back lots of memories for me. We had a caravan on field 7 row 2, number 2. Something’s never leave you. 

    By Lee morrison (26/07/2014)
  • Went back to thorney bay on the weekend. memories soon flooded has  been twenty years and I was the same, loved going to the toilet block in the night and waiting for the light bulbs to come on so you know the electric is on, looking at the tankers ect. It is all different there now and fortunately we are lucky to have been there when the days were good and exciting. 🙂

    By David (04/09/2014)
  • What great pictures brings back so many happy memories thanks for sharing, our caravan was on field 6 row H we had great summers there I can remember laying in bed at night listening to the ships engines chugging by. As kids we used to throw bread on the caravan roof in the evening so by the morning the sea gulls would be all over our roof that got our dad up……

    By Juls Julian (12/10/2014)

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