Sale notice to Marjorie Burgess 1945

Taranto Road

This sale notice, dated 1945, includes details of the sale of the Coastguard cottages showing Marjorie Burgess of ‘Murebyl’, Shell Beach Road was purchasing a property in Tarranto Road which would become her home and called ‘Yvonne’.

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  • Started reading these pages and last one I believe confirmed some of the other clues I’d found. Jan was this info sourced from Yvonne Burgess who was in Mr Groves class at Leigh Beck School c. 1947/48. If my memory serves me right she lived in Taranto Rd?

    By Graham (06/03/2021)
  • Yes Graham. She came to my home six years ago with all this stuff. I completely forgot about it. I have the story behind it too. Watch this space!
    Wonder what else is hiding on my PC!

    By Janet Penn (06/03/2021)

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