Some pictures of interest

Pictures from Sandra Davis

The Casino during the 1950’s

The dog in this picture was called Patch and belonged to Graham Stevens family see comment below. You can read about Patch and the Ponies here.

This picture of Father Christmas touring the Island was taken about 35 years ago.

Nora Bennett who is featured in the following pictures was a friend and neighbour of Sandra’s for many years. Nora moved to Canvey with her mother after the war. She was an amateur photographer and an accomplished artist. She was well known around Canvey before she died c1987.

Nora Bennett an amateur photographer at work

Nora Bennett receiving a Certificate of Merit from the Canvey Camera Club

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  • How weird! I don’t know the people in the top photo but I CERTAINLY know the dog! It’s Patch our family’s dog who used to run with Billy Wells’ pony cavalcade from Gafzelle Drive to the sea-front Graham

    By Graham Stevens (09/07/2008)
  • Graham – Could you please do a write up about the tales you told us about Patch and the Ponies, finishing up with the discovery of this photo – it would make a great story!

    P.S. Ring Mark – He has a couple of maps of the Settlement for you!

    By David Bullock (09/07/2008)
  • Looking at the picture of Father Christmas Really brings back memories, I lived on Point Road and he used to stop roughly opposite Park Lane and we all looked forward to being able to go and see him. What a wonderful memory. Thanks

    By Janet Hynes (nee Blundell) (21/08/2009)
  • I remember Father Christmas driving round and stopping roughly opposite Park Lane, I used to live on Point Road, I remember waiting eagerly once we heard him on his way we were watching out of the front room window waiting, then mum or dad used to take us over as we had to cross the main road. Thanks for showing the picture

    By Janet Blundell (21/08/2009)

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