The Bindon, Hollingbery & Thomas families on Canvey

Shirley Thomas

1939 Walter and Gertrude Bindon and their kiosk at Seafront

The Bindon family moved to Cambridge Rd on Canvey Island from Walthamstow as my grandmother Gertrude was suffering severe ill health. In time she opened a small kiosk at the seafront which exposed her to plenty of fresh sea air – helping her lung condition.

My grandfather Walter Bindon worked for the London Electric Company until he retired. Their son Walter emigrated to New Zealand in 1947 after serving in the Submarines during the war. One daughter Ivy married Harry Hollingberry and another daughter called Hilda, who lived with her husband Percy (Jim) Ryder in Southwick Rd in a property which backed on to the Bindon’s home. At the base of this page is a photo of Hilda and Patrick and also one of me and my sister Sandra.

The Hollingbery side of my family drifted down to Canvey from a very poor existence in the East End. Most of the menfolk were shoe and boot makers or repairers. My grandfather had a little shop in the Smallgains area. He and my grandmother Amelia (aka Agnes) worked there until their very old age. My father, Henry Hollingbery had a couple of mainland shoe shops but eventually sold up and became one of the first bus drivers on the Island. He later drove tankers for Regent Oil Co. His brother Charles Hollingbery was a builder on Canvey.


1959: Harry Hollingbery and Ray Haste

The Watts family had strong connections with the Methodist Church. My parents brought my sister and I up in Goirle Avenue in the 1940’s. I have photos from then if you are interested. We emigrated to New Zealand in 1963 but eventually returned to Canvey about four years later. They say you can never get the Island out of your system entirely.

During the floods of 1953 we were pretty badly affected and I have written an account of my experiences for my grandchildren.

Yours Shirley Thomas

1949: Fred, Alice Watts & family on Canvey Seafront (Looks like Thorney Bay – DBullock)

You can read Shirley’s memories of the Canvey 1953 Flood Here

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  • Did you realise that Rose’s single name was Buckmaster? She was the eldest sister of Tony and John. Their mother, Eliza, was the sister of Charlie, Henry, Agnes (Hepworth), Martha (Boyce), Hollingbery. (Charlie’s wife was a Knight).

    By Maureen Buckmaster via email to David Bullock (19/02/2009)
  • My great grandmother!

    By steve brown (18/10/2013)
  • I believe this is my great great grandmother

    By Louise Jury (08/10/2014)
  • Aah, my dear old nan. She was my dad’s mum. I was close to my nan and loved to visit her weekly. Yes, they did have a shoe repairs, my dad followed suit and then I followed suit. Good old days. My dad’s name was Harry, my mum’s Ivy. My name was Sandra Hollingbery, now Curtis and my sister’s name Shirley Hollingbery, now Thomas.


    By sandra curtis (11/10/2014)
  • Amazing page , my great grandmother is Martha her son William ( bill) is my grandfather 

    By Rachel boyce (06/05/2015)
  • My lovely sister Rose.

    By John Buckmaster (08/05/2015)
  • Rachel your grandfather Bill is my cousin,How is he.

    By John Buckmaster (08/05/2015)
  • Just with my 99year old grandmother who has been talking about her friend Hilda Bindon from school, whom she used to play out with at their street, Cornwallis Road Walthamstow. My grandmothers name was Annie Mole. Just wondered if any of the Bindon family remember her as she does Hilda? 

    By Denise Chitty (02/01/2016)
  • I’m a descendant of Martha Boyce (Hollingberry) she was my great grandfathers mother sadly I don’t know much about her but would love to know more.

    By Jaycob Clarke (30/01/2022)
  • It is such a small world but Shirley Thomas is my Aunty.
    I live in Australia and am the granddaughter of Harry Hollingbery. Kim, his son Ron is my father.
    I would love to touch base and rekindle our family ties.

    By Kim Hook (nee Hollingbery) (20/11/2022)

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