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My father, Frederick Cook, was a bank clerk working for Barclays Bank in Southend on Sea.  Canvey did not have a bank and there was an agreement that the banks would not open on Canvey without consulting each other.

However one bank, name unknown, opened on canvey without telling Barclays.  Barclays response was to rent a beach hut and my father used to travel from Southend, by train, with a case of money and then cross the stepping stones to the island to open the beach hut bank, I believe twice a week.

I have no other record but would like to know if there are any photo’s of this early bank or any other history of this story.

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  • Fascinating detail about the early banks on the Island. My most vivid recollection of Barclays was of the Manager (!) Mr.Ribbons…who seemed to know more about my financial affairs than I did!. As a young teacher asking HIM for a Bank Loan of £100 for a new car seemed downright profligate, and he as much as said so! I wonder what sort of bonus he got, if any…

    By Frank Whitnall (30/12/2009)
  • This might be the beach hut Barclays bank you mentioned

    By Janet Penn (23/03/2011)
  • Hi can you tell me what the building was in the photo before Barclays Bank, the reason I ask is because i have a interest in architecture and the building to the rear off the bank with the 2 little balls on top of the gable is very interesting, was it there first before the bank, the reason is because the gables are of Dutch design, thank you

    By Dean (28/03/2023)
  • The Dutch design of the building you mention is not unusual on the island.

    By Janet Penn (28/03/2023)
  • Hi Dean , Barclays Bank at Lakeside Corner was I think built late50s/ early 60s and was specifically designed to reflect Canvey’s Dutch heritage in what is vaguely known as the ‘Dutch Colonial ‘ style . As Janet says there are quite a few properties of similar design on the Island, particularly the bungalows of the Dutch Village Estate built in the 30s.
    From this era it seems that several builders had ideas to build houses influenced by Dutch/ Continental styles which has given us quite a’ mish-mash’ of properties e.g
    the copies of the Dutch Cottage in Grasmere and Ferndale Cresc, the stepped gables of the Red Cow/ King Canute (very Flemish) and a couple of houses with Mansard gable
    roofs.🙂. Graham Stevens.

    By Graham (31/03/2023)
  • No one ever mentions Barclays Bank which was a bungalow on the corner of new road until the middle seventies, the other corner stood the post office and the opposite side of long road stood that beautiful art-deco national garage owned by Hickson who moved to Northwick corner as a Ford sales outlet and servicing.

    By Mick Doxford (28/01/2024)
  • Yes they do Mick. I used to bank there. We have pictures on this site. There are in fact three pages about the building.

    By Janet Penn (28/01/2024)

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