Canvey after the war

Early years

From Albany Creek, Brisbane, Queensland.

Meynell Avenue 1950’s

The Wilson family arrived on Canvey Island at the end of the war, to live at The Rookery, a wooden bungalow in Winter Gardens. We later moved to 38, Meynell Avenue, but in 1961 Mum, Dad and Christina immigrated to Australia: David at 21 had already moved off the island, worked at Ford Motor Company and wanted to do his own thing!

New van and mum outside 38

Now, our mother Emily Alice Wilson at 90 years has just moved into a low-care hostel at Carseldine, Brisbane. The photo albums have been re-opened and we discovered many pics of the island, which we feel would be better shared in the archive.

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  • I remember Meynell Avenue when it looked like that in the picture, I lived just round the corner in Labworth Rd. I also remember David, and visited his house in Meynell, back in the fifties when we were kids.

    Best regards to you David.

    By Peter Watkins (23/10/2010)
  • Hi David, the top photograph of Meynell Avenue actually shows my fathers van outside our bungalow. I remember you lived opposite Mr. & Mrs. Devenish and I remember your mum from the photo. I must appologise as I put your name down as Peter in my Bonfire article. Best Regards

    By Rodney Bishop (23/01/2011)
  • Just reading a great book about the Burma campaign, Reluctant Q by George Spill, one of the photos is of an envelope with his address on, 36 Maynell Av. Great book and just a little more history of the inhabitants of this road. 

    By Lee Clark (27/08/2017)
  • I was friends with Christina during our school years, we sang in the choir together too and I corresponded with her when the family emigrated over to Queensland, but we lost contact with each other after a few years. I have tried over the years, without any luck, to contact her again. I remember she told me she’d gone into nursing – The last address I had for her was Inala. I searched the nursing records without any luck. I wasn’t sure if she got married and changed her name – I also now live in Australia, in Perth’s northern suburbs and would love to contact her again. Hoping her brother can put us in touch again.

    By Trish Nicholls (was Pat Newman) (24/11/2020)
  • David’s page is from some years ago Trish but I do have an email address for him. I will give it a try but cannot promise anything. People often change emails. I will let you know if I hear anything.

    By Janet Penn (24/11/2020)
  • I lived in Meynell Avenue from 1950-1960 my name was Janice Bottone i lived with my parents and sisters Evelyn teacher at leigh beck school and Freda and Rosalind we lived at Gleneagles no 15 Meynell Ave Happy memories of my time there i now live in Norfolk for 35yrs in a very rural village

    By Janice Hankey (24/11/2020)
  • I moved to Grafton Road on the Labworth Estate in 1952 I remember the trees either side on the road like the picture of Meynell Ave It was lovely in the summer the trees met over to the middle of the road But as the flood water got to the roots after the flood in 1953 The trees started to die and we lost our avenue of trees Loved the estate though lots of children my age Made lots of friends

    By Julia Cornwell Goillau (04/12/2021)

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