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Kingsley Hall School

Who can remember Kingsley Hall School?  I went there from  September 1950, when I was 6, until December 1955.  It was run by Miss Gwen Evans, who also played the organ at St Annes Church.  There were between 15 & 20 children there, as I remember, split into two classes.  The other teacher was Mrs Trott, who lived on the corner of Larup Avenue & Mornington Road.  The school was along what was then Lakeside Path, in the area bounded by Farm Rd, Jason & Eton Close.  I think the building was demolished in the late 1970’s.  Does anyone else have any memories of it?

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  • re Kingsley Hall School
    Hi Harry,
    There is a reference to Kingsley Hall School on the Forum, I think it’s under ”Looking for People and Places” titled ”Canvey Island schools in the 1940s”.

    Also Aubrey Hawkins mentions Miss Gwen’s in the ‘Memories’ section on this site entitled” Memories of Good Old Canvey about 1948”.

    As I mentioned on the Forum enquiry both my wife’s Mum and Uncle and one of their cousins were pupils at Kingsley Hall in the 40s. Hopefully over Christmas I’ll be able to gather some of their memories and post them on this page. Graham

    By Graham Stevens (04/12/2009)
  • Was this Mrs Trott, the same lady who ran PLAYWAYS club after school, in the hall above the co-op. She used to make us tea and we had bread and jam – NO butter ! We played games, she was a wonderful lady.

    By margaret (05/01/2010)
  • I attended Kingsley Hall School from 1953-1957 and ‘Miss Gwen’ was the long suffering teacher who ran the establishment. (She lived upstairs and school took place downstairs) She was a kindly christian soul who always saw the best in her pupils, and was often distressed when a pupil refused to pay attention at lesson time! She was happiest when playing the organ in our classroom and ‘hoping’ we all joined in the hymn singing? Sometimes all went well, other times were bedlam!

    Miss Gwen had straight short grey hair, wore specs and was of a slimish build and had a habit of holding a piece of chalk in her hands and twiddling about with it as she took the lesson! I wonder how many of the pupils had their eyes fixed on that piece of chalk rather than paying attention to the lesson taking place? Quite a few of us I seem to remember!

    I remember the beautiful large old detached house as if were yesterday. Our ‘playground’ was her rambling large garden, complete with an anderson shelter where we pupils would often congregate during playtime.

    Miss Gwen had a seafaring brother who would come and stay with her when he was on dry land. At times he would bring seashells to the classroom to show us his latest aquisitions from far-flung countries.’Fascinating!’

    Mrs Trott was an elderly lady with white hair and stooped shoulders,a very pleasant character and once a week after school I would go to her home and cut her grass for her. Lemonade and a biscuit, my reward! Mrs Trott taught the infant/junior children while ‘Miss Gwen’ taught the 11-15year olds.

    When I finally left school at Eastertime 1957 I was 14yrs and 11 and a half months old ! I started work on my 15th birthday!

    By Anita Juler (05/04/2010)
  • Is it the same Anita whose family knew Padereski the pianist? I was there with my brother Tony Williams, also Paul Barnard, the Gregson brothers, John Coxhall & the Richards girls.

    By harry mount (williams) (16/04/2010)
  • Hello Harry Williams ! Yes it is I who went to Kingsley Hall School at the same time as you and your brother Tony.

    I seem to remember that the girls in both classes thought you were great as you didn’t annoy or tease them like some of the other boys did! The names you mention are familiar and what about Barry Stevens who wore dark rimmed specs and lived in the area where Maceys shop is? Hindles road comes to mind? There were two girls in our class, both with the same names of ‘Joyce Wright’ and both had long blond hair?

    Josephine Reeve was one of my school friends way back then? Do you remember Bertie Wright and his sister Joyce who lived at Leigh Beck? I remember those days very well and ‘Miss Gwen’ was at her happiest when she was playing the organ to us all,however getting our attention was another matter?

    What a big beautiful old house Kingsley Hall was, would be worth a small fortune in todays housing market! Good to read your message Harry and tell me what memories does our old school hold for you?

    By anita juler (29/06/2010)
  • Anita Juler, please excuse my curiosity, but were you related to the late George Juler? I used to know him quite well from attending various meetings and he used to take me home to billericay on the odd occasion. I knew he lived on Canvey but not exactly where, not until that is I came to Canvey myself. Then I found out that he had since passed away, but that he had lived at Central Wall Cottages. Imagine my suprise and delight when upon being housed at 11, Central Wall Cottages, I was exploring the loft and came across loads of paper work that George had written along with tracts and loads of SA mags. I have since bought that bungalow and my daughter is now living there. If George was part of your family and you are interested, to the best of my knowledge, his work is still in the loft, but all the mags and tracts were dumped many years ago. All the best Mary Windsor

    By Mary Windsor (07/10/2011)
  • Hi Mary, 

    George was my grandfather, was there just paperwork in the loft? I am looking for photographs that he and my Nan had.

    thank you,


    By Lisa Jane (20/06/2015)
  • For some unknown reason I woke in the night and started thinking about Kingsley Hall school and the thought wouldn’t go away. I got up and googled it and to my surprise found this website. I didn’t actually go to the school but I lived quite close to it. I had a paper round and remember delivering papers to her every morning. I can’t remember there being a Mr Scott. I asked my mum why I couldn’t go to Kingsley Hall and she said it was because we couldn’t afford it so I presume it was a private school.
    Do I remember correctly that your school uniform was brown with a blue stipe on the girls hats?
    I remember Slasher Eels and the way the board rubber would fly across the room if a boy misbehaved. He taught us to write in script and always expected our text books to be written this way. Oh halcyon days !

    By Carole Berriman (08/04/2022)
  • I remember a Carole Berriman, were you a Brownie in the 1st Canvey Island pack? I was a sixer in the Pixie’s, our Brown owl was Marjory Bodin and my mum Vera Mitchell was Tawny owl.We used to meet in the Methodist Church Hall on Waarden Road (we lived at no.64, )I now live Derby I have been married twice first in 1973 and 2nd time 1990, and have a son and a daughter and 2 grandson’s and a granddaughter to.

    By Linda Maccorin nee Mitchell and Pearson (15/12/2022)
  • Carol Berryman! We’re you in my class at firstly Long Road Senior School then Furtherwick Park ( Canvey County at the time)? My name was Joan Bishop!

    By Joan Liddiard (28/07/2023)

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