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Old Photos

First picture is of my old family home, named Cyrildene, in Barnards Ave (where Salvation Army is located at rear of petrol station.)  The building was demolished in 1984 but typical of former structures on Canvey Island.  Don’t know exactly when my Nan (Dorothy Mason buried in Heritage Centre) purchase property but I guess it was the early 1930’s.  Around the living room was a stubborn tide mark representing the level of the great flood of 1953.

Cyrildene, in Barnards Ave

Second picture is of Delta Sports U11 1973 containing some familiar faces to you no doubt!

Top Left Standing:  Joe Dingle (Manager) Martin …..? Richard Edwards, Ray Roberts, John Edwards, Stephen Dingle, Kevin Cole, John Slatter, Harvey Cole (Assistant Manager)

Front Row:  Andy Strickland, Eddie Gubb, Garry Edwards, Bret Denis, Kevin Tansey, Tony Reading.

A great combination of Cornelius Vermuyden and Furtherwick Park lead by a Deans Science Master!

Delta Sports U11 1973

Some great games and fabulous memories.

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  • Hi Kevin. I dig some photos out of the older teams and put them on.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (04/11/2011)
  • I’m sure I used to be at school with a girl who lived in that bungalow her name was Beryl Mason and I think next door lived the Benterman family.

    By Lynn Taylor (23/08/2012)
  • Hi Maureen, have you got any photos of the Cornwall Tour?

    By Gary Loveday (05/10/2020)
  • Planning for Cyrildene was placed in 1927 and owned by Mr Henry MADDISON and Mrs Emma Sarah MADDISON.

    They were still living there in 1929.

    The property was vacant in 1939.

    By Martin Lepley (05/10/2020)
  • Hi Lynn Taylor. I am Beryl Naulls who before marriage I was Beryl Mason who lived in Cyrildene Barnards Ave. I do apologise, but I cannot remember who you are. Can you please give me more information i.e. was it just at school or did you live near to me. Yes I do remember the Bentermens.

    By Beryl Naulls (19/07/2021)
  • Hi Mr Martin Lepley, I wonder if you could help me please. I used to live in Cyrildene Barnards Ave, and I grew up there since birth 1945 and lived there with my Grandmother, Mother, sister and two brothers. My Grandmothers name was Dorothy Mason and i am sure she was living there with my mother years before I was born. My mother as an 11yr old attended a school along Long Road Canvey and helped the teacher in the class. Can you please provide further information on Mr Henry Maddison and Emma Sarah Maddison please, as I maybe be related to them. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. Regards Beryl (Mason) Naulls.

    By Beryl Naulls (20/07/2021)
  • In 1911 Henry Richard Maddison aged 56 and his wife Emma Sara aged 48 were living in Islington. They had been married for 30 years and had three children. Henry Richard Maddison died in 1934.

    By Janet Penn (20/07/2021)
  • Hi Janet, thank you so much for answering some of my question. Just by off chance do you know the names of their three children please. As one of them may have been my grandmother. Thanks again.

    By Beryl Naulls (20/07/2021)
  • Not from the 1911 census. They are living alone but state they had three children.

    By Janet Penn (20/07/2021)
  • Henry, Dorothy and Florence

    By Janet Penn (20/07/2021)
  • Dorothy b1890
    Married Herman otto klauser name change? To Mason
    Died Canvey 1972.

    Henry Richard is buried in St Katherine churchyard.

    By Janet Penn (20/07/2021)
  • Hi Janet. WOW thank you so much for the very interesting details you gave me. I sent you a reply earlier but not sure if you received it. In it was asking do you have any information as to where Herman and Dorothy lived when they got married. I know Dorothy had four children and I think all by Herman. Two of them I know lived with Dorothy and Herman in Dusseldorf Germany. I am trying to find out when they left there and came back to England. My mother (Alice one of the children) said that British Rights had to be brought for her and Maurice (a brother) as they were born in Germany. I am trying to find out what travels and homes did they have before living in Cyreldene. I was born in 1945 and they were there, but living there at that time was Dorothy (grandmother) Alice (mother) my sister and myself. Then my two brothers came into the world some time later. I would appreciate anymore help you can give me on this topic. Thanks xx

    By Beryl Naulls (21/07/2021)
  • No not received anything from you.
    From what I can find three of the children were born in Germany. The eldest Reginald was baptized in the UK in Islington. born in Uk on the 7/2/1913 bpt 4/5/1913. they were living at 6 St Pauls Place, Islington. Reginald lived at some point on Canvey as he is buried here with his mother Dorothy. I have details and photo of the headstone. Hermann was stated as being an engineer in the bpt records.
    Hermann and Dorothy married in Islington Jun qtr 1910 vol 1b page 566 if you want the certificate.
    Dorothy and three children were living in Southend in 1939 at 108 Thornford Grds where she was the housekeeper. Stated as divorced and using the name Mason.

    By Janet Penn (21/07/2021)
  • Hi Janet. You are such a help to me. Can you please tell me what are the bpt records and also how do I get to the vol 1b page 566, as I would like to have or see the certificate. Also the divorce certificate. You state in your recent message that Dorothy was the housekeeper of the address that she and the three children were living at. So she was employed by the owners and allowed to live there. Do you have more information as to how long she and the children were there and when did they leave that address, and move to the next one, and what was the next address. Again thank you so much for your help.

    By Beryl Naulls (22/07/2021)
  • Bpt – Baptism records.
    General Record Office with the details I have given you a certificate can be purchased for £11.
    The details in 1939 were from the Register taken as war broke out. Only other info on there are their dates of birth.
    I can send you copy of bpt and 1939 register.

    By Janet Penn (22/07/2021)
  • From Reginald’s probate records he was living with his mother in Southend at the time of his death in 1939 but was buried on Canvey.

    By Janet Penn (22/07/2021)
  • Hi Janet, yes please could you send me the copy of the bpt and the 1939 register.

    By Beryl Naulls (22/07/2021)
  • There are more pictures for this group of players elsewhere on this site.

    By Phil Garner (07/08/2023)
  • Beryl Naulls,

    Dorothy Mason was Born a Maddison and hence the link to the Planning that I mentioned.
    She married Mr Klauser (a German) which meant that she then became German through marriage. She applied for Naturalisation back to British in 1939. Her Naturalisation certificate is in the National Archive (HO 334/228/1204 & HO 405/27381). The first document is closed, the second is open. They were not in Cyrildene in 1921.

    I have seen a record for Emma Maddison in a property called “The Maddison” in 1925 which was described as next to “Sea Glen” which I understand was down Margraten Ave

    By Martin Lepley (07/08/2023)

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