Honeymoon on Canvey in 1952

Bill Elliott

Mr and Mrs Storey

Bill Elliott posted on the Canvey.org Forum the following request which I have published here along with the photographs he emailed in. Bill writes…

My wife and I honeymooned on Canvey Island in June 1952. We stayed in a bungalow owned by Mr and Mrs Storey, who has a middle aged son called Fred. As was the nature at the time, and me being only 23, I only referred to my elders as Mr and Mrs. I am trying to trace the location of the bungalow, in order to revisit if this property still exists.

These photo’s were taken in June 1952. One shows a couple called Mr & Mrs Storey who has a son called Fred who would have been in his later 30’s early 40’s. The other shows Mr and Mrs Storey’s bungalow in which we stayed. Any information regarding this would be much appreciated

Does anyone know where this is? Or was?

Many thanks, Bill

The original post can be found on the Canvey.org Forum. If you can identify the bungalow, Road or remember Mr & Mrs Storey or their son Fred, please leave a comment below.

The Bungalow – 1952

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  • The beginning of the article should read, Bill Elliott posted on ect ect, not Bill Story posted on, my mistake probably Bill

    By Bill Elliott (29/01/2009)
  • Sorry Bill – my typing error – corrected!

    By David Bullock (29/01/2009)
  • This is amazing!
    the Bungalow was at 25 Ratwick Drive. it was demolished in 1974 to allow for two 1 bed bungalows, now 25a & 25b.

    I am Ian, son of fred, he died in 2005 aged 88

    I do not have any photo’s of my grand parents, so this was good to see. i grew up in that bungalow, and was 12 when we left.

    thanks for putting this on.

    By Ian Storey (16/10/2009)
  • And I am Anne, Fred’s daughter, and I was born in this bungalow. My grandparents were called Harry & Alice Storey. If you have any other photographs please get in touch, or do so anyway to tell us your memories.

    By Anne Northfield (30/10/2009)
  • Thank you Ian & Anne for posting news on your parents home on Canvey Island. I and my new wife Ivy spent our honeymoon at your old home and as my wife died in January 1999 I thought it would bring happy memories to revisit the time we spent on the ISLAND. Unfortunately when I visited I was unable to find the bungalow as it had been (so I was told demolished by the floods). However thank you very much for your info. I am going to visit again mid June this year and will visit the former site. I worked with Fred for a number of years in London in Bayswater, he was the office manager of a furnishing retailer. I joined the firm as a porter(moving furniture around the shop) and later progressed to a salesman and then was appointed to manager of the store. After a few years we moved away from London and we moved to Southampton where I now live. It has made my day hearing from you both and perhaps in the near future we might meet up to talk about old times. Thank you both again for taking the time to reply. Bill Elliott.

    By bill elliott (20/01/2010)
  • David Bullock. Many thanks to you for your web page. I despaired hearing from anyone after such a long time but as you can I have been contacted by two relatives of Mr & Mrs Storey after so many months! When replying to their messages I omitted to say that I have a few more photo’s which I will try to send to them via e/mail direct should they so wish.

    Again thanks for the web site. Bill Elliott.

    By bill elliott (21/01/2010)
  • Hello Bill

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I do remember the furniture shop you mentioned as my Dad had spoken about it. I would love to get in touch. My email address is: annenorthfield@fual.co.uk. Hopefully we’ll be in contact soon


    By Anne Northfield (05/01/2011)

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