Party in the 50s

Possibly new year

Gilda Sickelmore (5th from right) with husband Derek behind her.
This is taken outside Gouldings Wire Works in about 1950 I think. My uncle, Derek Sickelmore, is 4th from left and I think that's my dad, Gerald Hudson 4th from the right.

Many unknown faces in this party picture. My auntie Gilda Sickelmore (nee Dick) and uncle Derek are in the middle at the front with friends Colin and Sylvie Peters.

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  • Party in the 50’s. My grandmother and grandfather Emmy and Lesley Corner looking very smart in this photo. Along with Nina and Ken Freshwater.

    By Tracey Hoad (08/03/2014)
  • The Gouldings Wireworks in the photo were based just down Yamburg Road on the left. They also took over the old Market on the right just past St. Anne’s Road. They employed quite a few men who didn’t fancy the building industry.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (22/11/2021)
  • Remember my mum and dad going to a new years eve dance most year at the casino ballroom Mum always wore a lovely long mauve and pink dress with a full net skirt Could not afford new one every year in the fifty’s But I was so proud of how good she looked xx

    By Julie cornwell (20/12/2021)

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